May 8 – Riverview Marine Services, Catskills to Waterford, NY

We left at 07:50 this morning. This 45 ft catamaran got his mast down yesterday too. The fishermen were getting some bait from the dock, hoping for their big catch. It is striped bass season here. A guy on the dock was telling us that his girlfriend caught a 41 inch bass yesterday.

Here is the restaurant that we dined at last night. Beautiful spot right on the water.

And the lovely park beside it.

We head under the bridge that joins Catskill and Hudson. Our cab driver yesterday lives in Hudson and says it is a pretty place.

We couldn’t miss the opportunity to take a photo of this railway car.

We see another one of these now unmanned lighthouses and what looks like an old grain elevator.

We come to a waterfront park in Hudson. Very pretty, the guy was right. You can see that there is a lot of pollen in the water.

This guy must have just mowed his lawn. 😉   A nice looking property.

Other things we see today on the Hudson:

A couple of marinas.

And just ahead, there were quite a few fishermen out for bass season and we also notice a lot of cranes. Gravel being unloaded with another barge waiting by with more.

Also looked like bridge spans being unloaded. It was a busy place.

Another railway bridge and car bridge.

We went by the Castleton Boat Club. This was a place where we could have removed the mast too. It was a do it yourself for only $50. That may be alright if you have a crew with you but since we didn’t, opted for service at Catskills. This is where the guy from Lac Megantic was taking his down. We see him on a mooring ball here. Imagine he is anxiously awaiting his family to arrive today.

We saw the US army Corp of Engineer boat out in the river today.

We motored past an automobile shredding place.

There’s lots of fuel storage tanks here in Albany and ships ready to be loaded.

Here is one of our first views of Albany, the capitol city of New York.

And how about all these highways?

More of Albany.

And under a bridge that is being worked on.

Then we come into Troy. Looks like an old town that was once a booming place.

Lots of old buildings.

Under a bridge.

The locks just opened for the season today. And we go through the first lock.

It was extremely hot today. Especially in the locks. Here are some facts that we read about the canals. It took men and horses eight years to build the Erie Canal. It is considered the engineering marvel of its time. However, not a single professional engineer was involved. Say it isn’t possible Ken and Kevin. The Erie Canal opened in 1825.

So here is where we make the choice for our route home. The Erie Canal or the Champlain Canal and go through Sorel. We take the Erie Canal.

Lock 2 and 3.

The tugboat “Urger” is the flagship of the fleet of vessels operated by the New York State Canal Corporation on the 524 mile Canal System and was built in 1901. He was sitting pretty tied up at the wall when we exited Lock 2.

Lock 4 and 5.

Lock 6.

The Waterford Flight of 5 locks which is lock 2 through 6 that we completed today are lifted and lowered the greatest height in the shortest distance of any canal in the world. We went up 168.80 feet. We entered the first lock at 14:10 and left the last one at 15:34. That is a lot of climbing in a short time. Then we had 2 Guard Gates to go through.

We tied up to a wall just past the Guard gates at 16:10. We almost felt ill, it was so hot. At 19:30, it was still 90 degrees in the shade. Mike managed to hook up the AIS again though. With the mast and antenna down, it couldn’t work. We had some extra coax cable on board and he hooked the antenna to the wooden board holding the mast.

Today we travelled 41.1 nm.

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