May 7 – Riverview Marine Services, Catskills, NY

We were up at dawn. Uploaded our May 3rd blog. We took all the enclosure off, (but could leave the dodger on) and got the radar down. Then we got the structure built at the stern of the boat. We were changing places with Pierre at 08:00. He was bringing the trawler to this dock for a pump-out so he could leave for Albany and we were taking his spot. The owners here are very nice. Mike and Sue are from Long Island but have been here for 38 years. She was telling us that when Sandy hit, they didn’t get bothered and weren’t supposed to from Irene but the waters came up about 10 feet.

It is very peaceful and pretty here.

Persuasion and her structure at the stern.

All the lines tied off at the mast.

The workers getting the rope ready for the crane.

And more:

Just a few minutes with the crane and she is out. They laid it on the dock for us so we could remove the upper spreaders and wrap a rope around the shrouds. And remove the wind speed and VHF antenna.

The previous owner of Persuasion had spartite poured around the mast and because of that it is a very tight fit. We have found that if we squirt some dish soap around it the day before removing it, that helps. Mike, the crane operator says they hate spartite but found this went so well. He said he could tell we have done this many times before. Don’t we know it kids? 🙂 He also said we were organized with it. In all his years of owning this place, he said he has literally seen marriages fall apart right on the dock. Taking out the mast can be very stressful that is for sure. Especially if not prepared. An hour later, they came back and the crane hoisted it up on the boat.

And that’s it folks. The mast is down and ready for the locks on our homeward bound journey!

We were not sure if we could put the bimini and enclosure back on. But we were able to. We had lunch and I finished cleaning the fridge. We talked to the kids and after we had our showers, we went to the office to pay the bill so that we could leave early tomorrow. Sue called us a cab so we could go to the Super Walmart for groceries. Catskills is an old town, a pretty place but didn’t get any photos as we didn’t walk through it. When we got back, we walked to a restaurant, Port of Call, that is close to the marina. This was a sign beside the restaurant.

I went upstairs to get some shots. The lights in the trees below were pretty and the views were beautiful. Wouldn’t the view off autumns glory be stunning? There was a castle up on the mountain.

Here is the little store at the fuel dock at Riverview Marine. They carry quite a few boating supplies.

And here is Persuasion all ready to go!

We had a very busy day but are pleased with how well it went. It’s another step closer to getting us home. 🙂

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