May 6 – Pollpel Island to Riverview Marine Services, Catskills, NY

We heard the trains more than a few times last night and early this morning. We left early, at 05:50. Here is the mountain on the left of us. Look at the road cut into it way up there. Mike and I reckoned that it would not be a road I would like to drive on. Heights are scary for me.

Here are some of the interesting things we saw today along the Hudson:

Newburgh Brewing. Photo is blurry, but wanted to use it. This place was built more than a few years ago.

From a distance, this looks like one bridge but it is actually two, one is a double track railway bridge.

Chelsea Landing Marina. Most of the boats are not in the water yet.

A quarry. They were busy working today.

It is a huge operation.

A barge was being loaded.

Looking back at the plant.

We noticed some cement supports that were braced into the mountain beside the train tracks.

This was either a new tug and barge or they just got out of the paint shop. Tug named Evelyn Cutler and her barge was Noelle Cutler. They looked quite snazzy.

The Franklyn D Roosevelt Bridge.

A now defunct Railway Bridge that has been made into a pedestrian bridge with an elevator.

A Children’s Museum at the end of the pedestrian bridge and benches along the waterfront.

Bridges and more bridges. And more trains.

Beautiful homes up in the hills.

And even a castle.

Another shiny new tug and barge.

A lighthouse built in 1871.

A sailboat on it’s side. And a schooner with her sails up, but not much wind to move her.

Another bridge but this one had a helicopter going back and forth in front of it.

The State Police were there and we realized that they were doing practice drills. They dropped something in the water.

We noticed they tried a couple times to hook the sling up for the rescue. We looked back after and see that they made it. So thankful for these men and women who are trained to rescue those in need when minutes count.

Some lovely houses on the mountain that have beautiful views of the river and the mountain range on the other side.

Another neat little lighthouse that no longer needs to be manned.

A pretty little town called Socrates, nestled in the mountains.

Some colourful houses right on the water and a not so colourful one, a round one no less.

Gravel being loaded onto barges.

Look at all the machines boys.

We arrived at Riverview Marine Services at 14:13. We fueled up and we had made arrangements with them earlier for a slip for the night. They decided to leave us on the fuel dock for the night, Our mast will come down tomorrow. We worked hard the rest of the afternoon. The cloudy and misty rain periods we had throughout the day were over and it was sunny and hot but windy by times. We tried many times to take the jib down but it seemed to be caught on something so we moved onto the mainsail.   Took that off and got it all folded and tied up, then we got the boom off and Mike got the mast ready to come down. We tried for the third time with the jib when a man walked over and introduced himself as Pierre and asked if he could help. Pierre has been on a dock here waiting for the locks to open on Friday so he could get back to Quebec city. He was bringing a trawler back from the Bahamas for someone. He has a C&C too (that he keeps in the Bahamas) and said he thought it was a pin at the top of the foil. He offered to go up to the top have a look. Success, jib came down. Thank you, Pierre.

We got the jib folded and tied up It is $250. to get your mast hauled out. And you build your own cradle to support your mast on your boat. They have a wood pile here and you can take anything that is not marked. We found enough to make it. I put my fridge on defrost and after supper, Mike washed the salt off all the boat and enclosure. The staff brought down a ladder for us and in the morning we will take down the radar. We had a very busy day and were ready for bed by 21:00

Today we travelled 49.3 nm.

One thought on “May 6 – Pollpel Island to Riverview Marine Services, Catskills, NY

  1. Wow – just did a blog reading marathon to catch up with you. What fantastic pictures. We did not know that you could boat inland from New York to the Great Lakes… learning something new here. Thank you for the geography lesson.


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