May 5 – West 79th St. Boat Basin to Pollpel Island, NY

We were not bounced around as much in the night as we were when we arrived here. Not as much boat traffic, I guess. Here is the view from Persuasion. Good morning, New York.

After breakfast, we headed in to the marina and I started the laundry. Mike went back to Persuasion to upload our blogs for May1st and 2nd. I got some shots of people out doing their daily form of exercise along the waterfront.

Mike came back to see if the laundry was finished and said he was having problems with word press. While waiting for the laundry to finish, we went to the Boat Basin Cafe behind the marina, thinking we would have a coffee but it wasn’t open for the day yet. We are not sure what the building used to be but it makes for a neat place to eat now, both inside and out. The second photo is facing away from the street and the next one is facing the waterfront. The wide stairs take you down to the busy waterfront.

We made the decision while waiting for the laundry that we would leave today. The weatherman said there could be thundershowers this afternoon and a high of 85+. We did not want to be walking around in the heat. Central Park in all it’s beauty will have to wait for us to enjoy another time. Here are some shots of the marina with the Cafe behind. A wooden tall ship that was tied to one of the dock walls was taking some school kids out for a tour.

The docks have not all been put in place yet from the winter and the boats that were on docks were rocking and rolling. The marina is owned by the city but they need to put some money into it. The breakwater and dock out front has never been replaced from the hurricanes that went through.

This is the view going towards our mooring ball and there is Persuasion. Springtime is beautiful in NYC.

We slipped the mooring lines off at 10:30 and head towards the George Washington Bridge.

I looked back to get a couple of last shots of the city that never sleeps.

From a distance we thought that one lane of traffic was stopped on the George Washington Bridge. But as we got closer, it looked like it was a double decker bridge with all truck traffic on the top only. And the cars were whizzing by on the bottom.

We pass by a railway bridge and the Henry Hudson bridge over the Harlem River.

The scenery along the river was lovely. And we pass by Yonkers too.

Before we got to the Tappan Zee Bridge, we could see lots of cranes. They are building a new bridge and we could hear them driving piles. My, what a lot of cranes. We counted 22. We think they need a sidewalk superintendent, Ken.

The Captain has seen a lot of cranes when he was working and he says this one is massive.

Once under the bridge and on the other side we could see lots of security boats.

And we could see all the cranes on the barges.

There were also barges lined up with pilings and other supplies.

We also passed by a generating station that was heavily guarded and a security boat that kept going back and forth.

This is truly railway country. So many trains.

We looked at the depth and couldn’t believe how deep it was all of a sudden. It was like we were in a fiord here with mountains on both sides.

Mountains and bridges everywhere.

And pretty houses at the base of the mountains and in the mountains.

And then there was West Point. The size of it, it just goes on and on.

I remember watching the mini series North and South and how the two main characters, one from South Carolina and the other from New York had met at West Point.

Seeing it up close and the structure and design is amazing. There was a sailboat out front with the name Army on the mainsail cover.

And some more photos.

And once again, the scenery is breathtaking. Can you imagine autumn here with all the colours? It must be magnificent.

We dropped anchor at 16:50 at Pollpel Island.

We chatted with a man who stopped by in his dinghy. We had met him at the Boat Basin in NYC. We saw his boat anchored here when we came in. He got here earlier today and went for a hike. He built his boat and has been down south off and on for the last 5 years. He and his family were in the Bahamas this winter. His wife and kids flew home from Nassau and he brought it this far. His family is arriving at Castleton by train this Friday to finish the trip with him to bring the boat home. And when he gets home, he will have to build a new home. He lost his house and 2 business’s in the explosion in Lac Megantic. What a tragedy that was. 😦   He is thankful that he was away working and his kids and wife were away. A very nice man. We are reminded to count our blessings.

This evening, Mike was able to finally get the blogs finished for May 1st and 2nd.

We have train tracks on both sides of us. On our right, is an Amtrak passenger train that sure has lots of runs and the freight train is on our left.

The sun shining through the cloud made a pretty sight on the calm water.

Today we travelled 43.7 nm.

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