May 4 – Sandy Hook, NJ to West 79th St. Boat Basin, NYC

Well, we woke up to the bright sun and thought wow, we really sleep in but checked the time and couldn’t believe it was only 07:20 Didn’t get much sleep now did we? But we were awake so got going for the day. We ate breakfast and weighed anchored at 10:30. Here is that fishing weir with lots of birds around it and the coast Guard ship that was all lit up when we arrived earlier this morning.

As we motored along, we noticed all this pollen in the water. Unbelievable!

We could see the skyline of NYC in the distance, even through the fog, actually it was more like a yellow smog. And also the Verrazano Narrows Suspension Bridge.

As we got closer to the bridge, we could see a lot of Brooklyn. Care to go shopping anyone?

When we were passing under the bridge, we met this tanker and man, did he leave a wake.

We saw Fort Wadsworth and then a couple of different looking planes above us. Here they are flying over the city. 🙂

Right after, there was a United States of America helicopter that was patrolling. And there in the distance is the Statue of Liberty with New Jersey behind her. The Staten Island Ferry Terminal is a hub of activity too.

There is nothing quite like sailing past the “Lady”. We didn’t go as close this time, but still are in awe of all she represents. Just look at all the people lined up outside.

Aww, and the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge. We did not go under it this time as we are not taking the East River. We are following the Hudson River this time. And just look at Lower Manhattan.

We continue past the Statue of Liberty and also Ellis Island. Lots of tourists there today too.

Lots of other people are at Pier A There is a clock tower there and also one across the river. And we arrived at what time …just look at the Colgate clock.

New York, New York! Big lights will inspire you……

We can see the many buildings that we saw in the fall when we visited Ground Zero.

And we also see the Empire State Building. Seeing that always reminds me of the last scenes in Sleepless in Seattle when Tom Hanks finally meets Meg Ryan.

Always lots of sightseeing boats on the water. And water taxi’s. Love that it is like the city’s famous checker cabs. And how about this one Tayton and Easton? It’s called Beast.

We see different things this time. As I mentioned before, we are on the Hudson, not the East River. There is an aircraft museum with planes on an aircraft carrier.

And the Surfside 3 Marina.

There are so many Piers too.

Skyscrapers line the streets of New York. With more going up.

We radioed ahead to West 79th Street Boat Basin to pick up a mooring ball. They are $30.00. Very cheap for NYC but the current here is unbelievable. The coolness of the morning is now gone. The temperature is in the low 80’s and very hot. We tie off onto the mooring at 14:30. Getting the dinghy off the tow was a challenge in the current. The lady told us when we paid that the current here is 5 kn. Central Park is not far so we walked there.

Look at all the tractors that are here, grandkiddies.

Can we say “cheese”?

The flowering crab trees were beautiful. And people out enjoying this huge park.

But we were just too pooped to walk any further. It was very hot and we were tired. Without sleep the night before and very little this morning, we decide to give it up. We headed back down through Eleanor Roosevelt Park. Saw this yellow lab taking a rest. Reminded us of Dustin.

So many apartments and the architecture on the buildings are lovely.

We ate at family owned restaurant on Broadway St and it was very good. As we walked back to the marina, we passed a few cherry trees and the smell was lovely.

We thought we might do laundry. However it was in use. There is one washer and dryer here and it is free. Now that too is almost unbelievable.

We had hoped to get a couple of blogs uploaded but we were just too tired.

Today we travelled 21.7 nm.


One thought on “May 4 – Sandy Hook, NJ to West 79th St. Boat Basin, NYC

  1. These pictures are amazing!! How cool to cruise alongside the city like that before exploring 🙂

    Wish I could have joined you! x


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