May 3 – Cape May to Sandy Hook, NJ

The sun was rising when we got up this morning. And the tugs were ready to start their day as well.

Later on we heard some honking and sure enough, saw a flock of geese heading north.

We did get to FaceTime with Becca this morning. She had just finished a cycle race and came in 2nd. Yippee! It was a bit nippy this morning. We looked at the tides and decided the best time to leave was 10:00 so that is when we weighed anchor.

We saw these folks out fishing as we were leaving the harbour. And these guys out by the breakwater at the entrance. What a difference from the day we arrived.

Let’s do this. Here we go, an overnighter coming up!

On our port side we pass by Wildwood. There is a North Wildwood and Wildwood Crest, where there are miles of beaches.

And what seems like an endless array of amusement and water parks.

Another roller coaster and miles of sandy beaches.

At 13:30, we were listening to a radio station and heard that it that it was already 80 degrees on the Jersey shore. Didn’t feel that hot out on the water but it was a beautiful day. Here is the catamaran, Plan Sea from Saint John, NB. He was doing the crossing with us and then will go through NYC on the East River as he’ll be going to Grand Manan, NB.   We will be taking the Hudson to the New York Canal Systems.

By 14:00, we could see Atlantic City. We remember when we did our overnight crossing in September last year, it was the middle of the night when we bypassed here and the lights from the shore seemed to show up for hours.

The waters got a bit choppy after awhile but we have had worse. The day wore on and it wasn’t long before the sun began to set.   We could see the sunset  on one side of us and the moon on the other.

The sun disappears so fast but is so beautiful.

We saw this tug hauling a barge just before dark.

We took turns on watch but neither one of us slept, mostly rested. Met a few cargo ships and I finished reading my book. We arrived at Sandy Hook and set the anchor at 05:30. the sun was just starting to come up. This is a fishing weir across from where we anchored.

There is also a Coast Guard Station and some beautiful base houses were right behind us, actually a whole row like the one beside the flag pole.

And then we slept…..

We travelled 119.3 nm in 19.5 hrs

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