May – 2 Waiting for the winds in Cape May

Yay! Today we slept in. It was a fairly warm, sunny day.   After checking and rechecking the weather, we decided that Sunday would be the best day for the ocean crossing to Sandy Hook, NJ. It was giving south winds, We didn’t need provisions so decided to leave the dinghy on the bow. We pulled up the anchor in the morning though, to motor over to the marina for fuel and water. Then came back and anchored again.

We used today as a rest day and maybe a little bit of work. Mike checked the steering and tightened things up. I worked on the blogs and we watched some TV shows . It was quite a relaxing day. I read a lot and we even had a nap.

We FaceTimed the kids after supper. Amber, Jason and kids were at Sarah and James’s. So were James’s parents. They had all worked today on building their fence. I was surprised to see them in shorts. Apparently it has been in the high 20’s there. And Scot, Jody and Margie are in Halifax. We have been praying for Jody as she writes her medical exams. Her last one is tomorrow. I am sure you will do just fine, Dr. Taylor. 🙂 It is nice to chat with you and see you all if only for a few minutes. Also happy that you guys got a chance to see you, Kees and Monica. I hear Margie loved the grapes. 🙂 Too late tonight to call Becca in England, so will FaceTime her in the morning before we leave..

Here are a few photos of what we saw today from Persuasion:

Some of the marinas that are around us.

Dredgers, tugs and work boats.

The Coast Guard station, barracks and housing.

And what do we have here? Yes, this osprey has a fish.

And after he squawks, he takes off with it.

A lovely sunset tonight.

So that was our day. Mike uploaded the blogs for the 29 -30th. And we turned in fairly early.

3 thoughts on “May – 2 Waiting for the winds in Cape May

    1. We did get to talk to you on Sunday morning, the 3rd before we left for the overnight trip. We are just behind on the blogs. 😦 (Dad posted the 2nd yesterday) The posting for the 3rd should be uploaded tonight or tomorrow morning. We will be taking the mast down tomorrow. Hopefully will get to FT again on the weekend.


  1. Whoops, didn’t pay attention to the date! Yes was great to facetime on weekend (and my post race massage went amazingly well!) haha 🙂

    Can’t wait to catch up this weekend. Love you guys xx


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