May 1 – Bohemia River, MD to Cape May, NJ

It’s been 11 months since we moved aboard Persuasion and started this adventure. (going all around the world, as Tayton calls it) 🙂 We have covered many miles, met some fine people and seen beautiful places. We have awakened to glorious sunrises and watched the sun go down creating magnificent sunsets And now as we are on the last leg of our adventure, we look forward to seeing those equally beautiful sunrises and sunsets right from our home. When our journey is completed, Mike will share the Captain’s Log which will tell you how many miles we’ve travelled, photos taken, etc.

Another beautiful sunrise this morning. However, the warm weather we had the last two days has gone. It’s chilly today.

The anchor was up at 06:15 and we head back out onto the Elk River.

We see a marina here.

Also there is a range marker here just before we head into the C&D canal. (Chesapeake Delaware canal)

There are a few houses along here too.

And a huge ship tied off here, called the Delaware Responder.

A tug boat tied up in the same place too. Then right under a bridge, we see this boat. We hadn’t seen anything like this one before.

We see some pretty little boats and some dock and dine places. The Chesapeake Inn is also a marina.

Lots of bridges to go under today. You can see one after the other as you look up the canal.   As we look back, we see that this one is blue. We couldn’t tell that when we went under, with the sun shining on it.

We pass by the sign for the marina where we got fuel in the fall and then we go under the railway bridge.

Two more bridges coming up! The first one is a suspension bridge and Mike looked for the anchors for the suspension wires. He found them going down the centre of the bridge. Just for you, Ken. 😉

Under the next one and one more.

And that’s it, we are at the end of the C&D canal. There we saw some fishermen were getting ready to try their luck today. The current is really strong coming out of the canal into the Delaware River.

When we came by here in the fall, this nuclear plant had steam coming out of the stack. Today it does not. We see this plant from Persuasion for a long, long time, for more than 2 hours. It is a huge operation. Finally we see it behind us.

Take a look at this folks. The Captain sitting back relaxing as the autopilot does all the work. 🙂

Here are some photos of other things we see while underway to Cape May:

We meet lots of cargo ships along the river. The last two photos has a tug that fits right into the barge.

A brightly coloured tug.

Another nice looking lighthouse.

After lunch, we roll out the jib and roll along.

We pass a few more markers.

And see more cargo ships.

Once in the Delaware Bay, we get a push from the tide and current. But it also gives us bigger waves and gets a bit rougher.   We have to roll in the jib.

We meet the Cape May-Lewes ferry.

And pass by the shore where we anchored last fall (after sailing for 22 hours from NY city) and had our dinghy tow break from the waves crashing when the winds picked up in the night. In the first photo you can see the wreck that is there on the shore. We were not far from that when we anchored. And the ferry terminal is just behind that shore.

The waves get bigger and the last while, the Captain is no longer using the autopilot. No more relaxing.  We are down to 3-4 kn by times. Finally we get to the channel to turn into the anchorage. Even getting in there was a challenge.

So much smoother once we are in that harbour, away from the open water. We set the hook across from the Coast Guard station at 06:50.

We changed the oil after supper and watched a bit of TV. It sure was a long day.

Today we travelled 78.3 nm.

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