April 30 – Annapolis to Bohemia River

The sky was pretty this morning from Persuasion.

And although not as many boats around as when the boat show was here in the fall, still lots of boats.

Love the reflection of the boats in the water.

And how about this sailboat’s dinghy? One to match his boat?

The Captain dingied over to the yanmar dealership for opening time at 08:00. When he came back, we hoisted the dinghy up on the bow again and were raising the anchor at 09:30. Look at this photo. A couple of days ago, he was in fleece pants and a hoodie. We are enjoying this warm spell. Maybe we just had a cold front go through for a few days. πŸ˜‰ I think that is just our wishful thinking though.

We head out the channel and see a bird in a nest. This time on Channel marker # 7.

The Harbor Queen tour boat is also heading out. We wondered if it was a class trip as there seemed to be a lot of kids on board.

And another large bird on this post.

The next thing we see is what we thought from a distance was a fire but then saw that it was just the smoke from the tug. πŸ™‚ We keep heading toward the Bay Bridges.

We look up towards downtown Annapolis where we stayed for 3 weeks. I am betting that Spa Creek is not as crowded now either, as it was when we were anchored there in the fall. We also see the Naval Academy in the distance.

And under the bridges we go.

We passed a catamaran today, Plan Sea and noticed that it was from Saint John, NB. The Captain hailed him and like us he is on his way home. We recognized the name from one of the Cays in the Bahamas. He said that his girlfriend had been down to Staniel Cay when he was there. Maybe that is where we had seen him. She owns the Whales and Sails tour boat in Grand Manan, NB. We had seen that out with a group looking for whales on our way to Eastport, ME.

We see another tug with a barge full of gravel today. Piles and piles of it.

And right behind him, is another one coming. This one we think may be lime, but we are not sure. There are piles and piles of it too. One thing we do know though, is that the birds love sitting on it. πŸ™‚

The Chesapeake Bay narrows and here we notice lots of sandy cliffs and what looks to be a park area with screened in houses on the beach with picnic tables. There was also a fair amount of driftwood floating along as we passed by the Sassafras River.

We enter the Elk River and notice lots of homes along the riverfront too.

We turn up the Bohemia River toward our anchorage and the winds come up quite suddenly. They are blowing 25 kn. We set the anchor at 16:50. There are nice looking properties on each side of the river.

Mike just finished with the anchor and a squall goes through with rain and hail. Thankfully, it didn’t last long.Β Β  This evening the Captain uploaded the blogs for the 27 and 28th and planned tomorrow’s route. We will be in New Jersey. Yahoo! This homebound leg is speeding right along, eh?

Today we travelled 43.6 nm.

4 thoughts on “April 30 – Annapolis to Bohemia River

    1. Hi Mike

      We leave Cape May today for Sandy Hook. Mast should come down mid week. Heard a boat on the radio the other day called Perfect Balance. Could it be?
      How was your walk-about.



  1. Our NZ/Aus trip was fantastic. IIRC, you’re not following Facebook, right? There are lots of pics there if you get a good free wifi connection. Your trip up the Hudson R. is going to be great. Perfect time of year for cherry blossoms etc. will you go to Oswego and turn right, or Sorel and turn left?


    1. Yes you are remembering correctly, we are not on FB right now. But we will certainly love to see your photos. It must have been a fantastic trip. A great walkabout. Maybe tomorrow we can get a chance. We arrived at Riverview Marine this afternoon. We have the sails off and packed away and the mast is ready to haul out tomorrow afternoon. Mike has the cradle almost finished for the mast to go on Persuasion. He also washed all the salt off the boat and enclosure tonight. It is great to be back in fresh water. When we get to Oswego, we will be turning right. We will be home soon. πŸ™‚


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