April 29 – Cornfield Harbor to Annapolis

Well, this morning it wasn’t as calm as it was last night but there was no wind howling or chop. We weighed anchor at 06:20.

Seems many different kinds of birds were waiting for the fish in the weirs as we headed out towards the Chesapeake.

We passed another lighthouse today and a different kind of day marker.

And what a difference a day makes! Just look at the water this morning around 09:00. So calm and peaceful.

Here’s some of the sights we see on the water today:

Some tugs and barges. And how about the load of gravel this barge has?

Cargo ships. Looks like a couple meet a little close from our angle. 😉

A light house and a channel marker lighthouse.

Fuel storage tanks and a fuel transfer station.

Lots of boats out fishing today.

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge, which we will go under tomorrow.

But today, we pull into Back Creek for fuel and water. We see an osprey beside the nest on a channel marker # 5 and some sailboats on mooring balls.

We set the anchor at 16:00 and then lower the dinghy off the bow. We go in to the dinghy dock and walk 20 minutes to the grocery store.   Mike needs to get some parts at Bayshore Marine, the yanmar dealership here but they are closed now.   So will get those when they open in the morning. I didn’t bring the camera with me but wished I had because the flowering crabs were in full bloom on some lawns and they were beautiful. We remember the walk to the stores well from being in Annapolis for 3 weeks last fall.

I searched for Ida and Miriam’s phone number so we could visit with them. No luck…..watch me find it when we are unpacking things in ON. Hope I do, so we can stay in touch. They are our church lady friends we met last fall.

We get our groceries and start the walk back. Halfway back, a couple stops and ask if we need a drive. They keep their boat at the Port Annapolis Marina. They took this past winter off but cruised for 2 years down in the Bahamas. Cruisers helping cruisers. 🙂

I forgot to ask them if they knew you guys, Paperbird, but will send you an email sometime soon. Would have loved to see you here too but know you are enjoying the warmer weather of the south. However, it was warm here today and we could wear shorts walking to the store. It felt good to have that warmth again.

We put away our groceries and enjoyed the roasted chicken and salads we bought for our supper. We uploaded our blog for the 26th and then turned in. Hope to be on the move as soon as we can tomorrow.

Today we travelled 61.7 nm.

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