April 28 – Indian River, VA to Cornfield Harbor, MD

A beautiful sunshiny day greets us this morning when we pull up anchor at 06:15. This camp was not far from where we were anchored. Looks like it would be a busy place in the summer with all the buildings around.

We had listened to the weather last night and were supposed to get up to 30 kn wind in the night. But that didn’t happen. We were thinking that we may have to stay put today if that happened. The only traffic we see out today is a cargo ship and a barge being pulled by a tugboat.

About 08:30, we rolled in the jib as the winds had really picked up. Looked like the weather man was off by 12 hours. The winds were 20-25 kn.

We saw another ship and a lighthouse.

At 09:40, we crossed into Maryland. Our plan for the day was to get to Solomons but at 10:00, we made the decision to get out of the wind and waves of the Chesapeake. The winds were now up to 30 kn and the waves were 5-6 ft. When Persuasion would climb up the top of the wave and when she came down, we got pounded. The bow of the boat sounded like it was breaking and the water was coming in the cockpit through the zippers of the bimini/dodger. It was a no autopilot day that’s for sure.

We diverted to the Potomac River and it was much smoother. We anchor in Cornfield Harbor at 12:15. After lunch we had a nap. I got some photos later in the day. There are fishing weirs around and a guy was out checking his traps too.

Some more photos of the anchorage. The bottom photo is looking out towards the Chesapeake.

By 19:00, you can see how incredibly calm the water is now.

Today we travelled 31.0 nm.

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