April 25 – Alligator Creek to Pasquotank River Mile 37

What a beautiful sky this morning. These were taken right from the anchorage. I couldn’t decide which one to use so will add lots. God’s handiwork is so amazing!

This one is my favourite.

We headed out at 06:20. Quite chilly this morning. It is becoming more and more evident that we are northbound, as if we didn’t already know. 😉

Besides the woolies and hoodies, we’ve added the fleece pants. And the enclosure is zipped up everywhere. Last night was the first time we had to have the put in the full companionway hatch in many months. Other signs are that the floors below are cold, alerting us to the colder water temperature. Even the toilet seat is cold, for crying out loud. Yes, we are definitely headed north. Guess we might have to bring out the buddy heater soon.

We hailed the Alligator River Swing Bridge which opens on demand and is in Columbia, NC. He said he was letting one through now but said “give me 8 minutes and I will open it again for you” Very courteous man, That was great considering it was 08:30 and folks were out and about taking the bridge to work. This is one long bridge.

So he opened it for us and we were on our way again. Even these gulls at the bridge looked cold this morning.

We saw a couple of boats taking a different route today. They were headed to go through the Virginia Cut on the ICW. We wanted to take the route through the Dismal Swamp. We had missed it on the way down, having taken the Virginia Cut route. The Captain has been dreaming of doing the Dismal Swamp for over 30 years.

Long before we came into Elizabeth City, we could see this huge building. We wondered if it was a stadium. Further along, there was an airport. Quite a busy one, I’d say. Lots of buildings around it anyway.

Some nice properties along the river.

Here’s some shots of Elizabeth City from a waterfront view.

The Elizabeth City Lift Bridge opened on demand and the operator mentioned that it would be slow on one side going up, as it was being worked on and is new. He was right about that. The traffic sure must get annoyed. Eventually it did get fully open.

We headed up the Pasquotank River. It is nice to finally see the seasons again. Looks like spring has arrived here in Camden, NC with the budding of the trees. And the trees grace some beautiful properties.

There is a railway bridge here that we didn’t think even looked like it could be in service anymore. After the railway bridge we turned into Lamb’s Marina. Such a friendly little place. One of the guys that helped us at the dock was a Newfoundlander who moved to Maryland many years ago but has lived on his fishing boat here at the marina for 8 years. Mike asked him about the bridge and he said there is one train a day that goes through with gravel.

We continued on up the river.  And was it ever a twisty river, so full of turns!   It was raining a bit but the scenery here was very peaceful looking.

We pulled off the river at mile 37 and set the anchor at 16:00. It was very narrow in here but room for us. Here is some of the scenery around Persuasion.

After supper, we checked our internet and were happy to have service. Mike uploaded 3 blogs, the 21st-23rd. Thank you for being so patient. It rained all evening and is still chilly.

Today we travelled 60.5 nm.


4 thoughts on “April 25 – Alligator Creek to Pasquotank River Mile 37

  1. I still think you will have to pick one of your sunsets and frame it to look at when you get old and remember your trips on the sail boat. You will have a hard time choosing the best one. thanks for the post card.


  2. Less than one month an you will be home!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to give you guys a big hug and not leave your side for the months that you are home, LOL.


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