April 24 – Oriental to Alligator Creek Mile 102

We had a great sleep last night and hoped to get some blogs uploaded during breakfast. The wifi was still slow so we used our internet connection. However, it was getting so light out that the Captain wanted to get on the water so we saved what we had uploaded and will finish it tonight. Ookpik and the trawler from Maine had not left yet. But Nathan and his parents left just before light. Mike was out and wished them well. We shoved off the dock at 06:50.

We had the jib out and while we were in the Neuse River, it was ok for awhile but once in the Pamlico Sound, we had wind gusts 25-30 and we rolled it in. The waves were close together and at first we were taking them on the nose but then we had them on the beam. It was rough for awhile. The waves were crashing right over the bow and hitting the dodger. These photos are not from rain. It’s from the waves. Twice, I had to pour fresh water over the windshield as the salt spots made it too hard to see.

Once we got through the sound and into the Pungo River, it was much smoother sailing. Sunny but colder today. We saw a few fishing boats tied up.

This Marine Supply Store did not seem too busy today but then again it was just 09:00 so they may have just been starting for the day. We also saw this boat tied up. Looks like it had been there for quite awhile.

We also passed by the Hobucken Coast Guard Station.

There were not a lot of sights today. The rivers were wide and not even a lot of traffic around. We did see this tugboat out working.

And a few houses as we sailed along. Notice the tea coloured water as the waves come up.

As we were entering the Pungo River Alligator River Canal, we noticed Ookpik and another trawler were anchored off. It was almost 15:00 and it would take a few more hours to get through the canal with no places to anchor. We had our anchorage picked out and wanted to keep moving.

We saw this nice place at the start of the canal.

And a nice neat looking home right on the canal.

Lots of dead wood and stumps along the canal here.

We set the anchor at 18:00 in Alligator Creek. Two other boats pulled in and we had a nice sunset.

We had no service here for our internet. So another day without blogs being uploaded. Sorry guys. Hoping to have service tomorrow to get some up on the website.

The Captain planned our route for tomorrow and I went through photos and worked on the blog. We watched a bit of TV and turned in early.

Today we travelled 69.6 nm.

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