April 23 – Swansboro to Oriental, NC

The changing tide had settled down shortly after we went to bed and all was calm here this morning. The blog didn’t get uploaded as we wanted to get moving. The sun is up earlier now. We weighed anchor at 06:30 and headed out.

There is an inlet here for the ocean and some sand banks.

The skyline was pretty as we motored along.

Here are some of the houses along the route this morning.

Jib was out and we motored along. Beautiful sunny day.

We passed by Atlantic Beach on one side and Morehead City on the other.

There is a potash plant in Morehead City with loading docks and lots of barges around.

There are so many tugboats around and a US army boat too.

Lots of Potash storage containers across the river in Beaufort.

The railway bridge is up so we go under the bridge and can see that the potash plant just keeps on going.

This trawler passed us today. We thought the name was rather cute, “Hopp Aboard”. Do you think their last name could be Hopp? 😉 Meanwhile another trawler of a different sort was coming toward us.


We see a mother osprey sitting on her nest and the Captain decides to multitask.

We pass by two Marine Centers and a Quick Haul & Wash. That could be tempting. Persuasion’s bottom sure needs a good wash.

We notice this sign nailed on a piece of deadwood on the edge of the canal. Makes us wonder what Leslie’s answer was. 🙂

We saw this tug pushing a new barge. The tugs name was Beaufort Belle from Morehead City and the barge had Potash Corp on it. Guess we know where he was heading. 🙂

We finally captured a nest with two osprey.

Right after we saw the birds, this boat zoomed past us and left quite a wake! After lunch, we met a Coast Guard boat went but were much more courteous, slowing as they passed us.

We pulled into the channel and passed the yacht club on our way to the Oriental Marina for fuel at 13:15.

We saw that the free city dock had 2 boats on it so intended to go out to anchor. The marina manager mentioned that there was room on another city dock. Bonus, we wouldn’t need to get the dinghy down now. The dock is free for 48 hours, once every 30 days. A very nice young man, Nathan, whose boat was on the dock beside us, took our lines. He has a slip in Southport and was here because his parents were visiting on the boat. They are from Nebraska and will be flying out from Wilmington on Sunday. We chatted awhile and then got ready to walk up for groceries. We also noticed that Ookpik was on our dock. They bought their boat in Ottawa but live in St. Catherines. We had met them on our first visit to Treasure Cay. Also on our dock, was the trawler from Maine that we had first met in Spanish Wells. She is the lady who likened the colour of the deep blue water to “ink blue”. And she was right. Their yellow lab, Spice, was happy to greet us.

It was a lovely warm afternoon as we walked to the Walmart and West Marine. We snapped a few photos along the way. Oriental is a lovely place and we see it is the sailing capital of North Carolina. And also lays claim to the first motorized school bus in North Carolina.

They have a Health and Fitness Center with a pool.

Both the West Marine and Walmart are smaller stores, called Express but have most everything. Mostly grocery and pharmacy items at Walmart. No clothing or much for auto supplies or home furnishings . The Walmart has been open almost a year now and is quite busy, they tell me.

We got our things loaded in the card and started the 20 minute walk back. Isn’t this a lovely looking B & B.

We had just stopped to take this photo when we were offered a ride by a man. (Last year when we were here, the same thing happened). A lady drove us back to the marina. Great people here. This guy got some info from Mike about navionics. He and his wife are hoping to sail up to Maine this summer and then on to Nova Scotia. in their Shannon 37. We had a great chat. By then, it was almost supper time. While I put the groceries away, Mike washed the salt off the boat and filled the water tanks. We debated whether to go to the Toucan Grill here at the marina. We had eaten there in the fall when we were here and it was very good. However, the couple from Nebraska told us they had eaten lunch at M&M’s Café and it was really good. The man who drove us back from Walmart said The Silos is a good place to eat but it was way up across from West Marine. We FaceTimed Sarah before supper as we knew it was her school night. She had been to buy the stamps for the wedding invitations and her wedding dress is in! She will go for her first fitting tomorrow. I will miss it. 😦 Thankful though that we had bought it when we were home for Christmas and we all knew when she tried it on that it was the perfect one. 🙂

Anyway, we decided to go try M&M’s Café. Feeling it would be the best choice since we sometimes go by M&M. I got Mike to take my picture by the sign. It is good for a laugh as I was trying to get my hair out of my face. when he snapped the picture. Guess he didn’t look at it after to check it out. 🙂

The food was delicious. I had fish and chips and Mike had a burger and fries. We shared a brownie/ice cream sundae. Thank goodness. It was huge. We visited with our dock neighbours who were there again. Enjoyed their stories of how over 30 years ago, they took their daughter who was 10 and son who was 5 on a Tanzer 26 and sailed from Nebraska to the Bahamas and even further south for a year. Four of them on a Tanzer 26 and no refrigeration. They said their son has the salt water in his blood and that is why he handles his Catalina 40 so well. We chatted on the walk back and then more at the dock. I was glad I had taken my hoodie because in the evening, it turned quite cold. Mike continued to chat with the men at the dock while I tried to do a few Facetimes. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a good wifi connection any more. Because of that and because we were out late visiting, we didn’t get any blogs uploaded. We hope to leave early in the morning too, so maybe tomorrow night we’ll get some up for you.

Today we travelled 42.2 nm.

One thought on “April 23 – Swansboro to Oriental, NC

  1. Hey guys!!! Wow you are really doing great time eh !

    We are enjoying our time here ! So hot though! 89 degrees by 8:30 in the morning! Nice to just relax though ; the only thing we have to think about is where to eat! Ha ha !

    It will be great to have you guys back home!!

    Lots of love, Ray and Esther


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