April 22 – Carolina Beach SC to Swansboro NC Mile 228

We weighed anchor at 07:05 as we waited for the tide to float us off the bottom. We were free and clear with no issues. A beautiful sunny but cool morning. The two other boats were still in the anchorage.

South Carolina Beach is a pretty little place, although houses are close together, they are lovely pastel colours and the closeness to Wrightsville Beach makes it a great place to live, I expect.

The tugs were out and about early this morning as was this guy hoping for a good catch today.

We also got a great view of this dredger at work.

Hey Steve, do you have any relatives living down here? Maybe you and Heather could get a boat and leave it here, even get a discount. I know how much Heather loves boating. πŸ˜‰

We were a bit early for the 09:00 AM opening of the Wrightsville Lift Bridge. Another boater was waiting there as well. “Promise” from Rock Hall MD in his 44.5 ft. Catalina. Very nice older couple who would later radio back and forth at times with info up ahead.

And an hour later, another bridge. This time, the Figure 8 Swing Bridge.

Here’s some more of our “sightings” today on the ICW.

A bald eagle on a treetop. And Some traps, guessing someone will be back to get them before the tide comes in.

We love it when the dolphins swim beside us. One poor guy, (although you can’t tell from these photos) looked like he had been caught in a trap or line for awhile. There was a scar on his body that looked like he had been squeezed. I remember Cheryl’s brother Junior, a fisherman, telling us that they had one in their net in NS. He said it sounded like a baby crying. It was so sad. They finally got it and he said that dolphin followed them for quite awhile after. They are so fun to watch.

Woolies again this morning but by lunchtime, it had warmed up some as we kept adjusting the sail.

We saw more osprey nests with the mother birds in them.

There were 4 other boats ready to go through the noon opening of the Figure 8 Swing Bridge.

Now this is a bright pink house! And a round house.

We saw this guy in hip waders and could see his basket with a rake. Hope he got some goodies. And his buddy standing in the water beside the boat.

Now we think this mobile home is high and dry! What do you think? Certainly looks out of place with the others around it. There was also a campsite beside it and a marina and boat yard.

This guy was having a little brush fire. But my what a beautiful home he has.

This family was enjoying their boat rental for the day.

We met three army boats today. And had a helicopter overhead too. They were practising landing and taking off from their base nearby.

We had a little wait for the 15:00 opening of the Onslow Swing Bridge., or last swing bridge for the day. The current was pretty strong along here too.

We remembered seeing these fields with the abandoned tnaks and cars used in military exercises.

This was an interesting house. Steps up to a deck on one side and if you look closely, you’ll see that one end has two round windows at the top. They added a buoy for a nose and a stick for a mouth. πŸ™‚

Some more traditional houses and one really large house.

We motor past Swansboro and see the marina and a couple of the boats that had been along the canal with us were tied up there.

More photos of Swansboro.

We pull just off the ICW at marker 45B. We set the anchor at 16:45 and quite the wind and current for awhile. Got these photos at sunset.

After supper, we finished up the blog for the 21st and hope to upload it in the morning.

Today we travelled 59.9 nm.

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