April 21 – Osprey Marina, SC to Carolina Beach, NC

It was a peaceful night here. No bugs bothering us as I mentioned before and we could hear the birds chirping this morning. After breakfast, Mike started uploading a blog. We didn’t finish it though as we wanted to get on the water. Did have a chance to FaceTime with Becca who is in Singapore on business. Her suite there is beautiful and the scenery from her window is spectacular. Lucky girl! Hope you get some free time to enjoy the city, Perky Bird. And Sarah also Facetimed. She is very excited because her wedding invitations have arrived. Wish we were there to help you stuff those envelopes Toad. Time is flying by. Three months from now and you will be Mrs. Culhane. πŸ™‚

We left the marina at 06:38. We were docked in front of the Katie Krougen trawler named “No Agenda”. What a beautiful yacht. They used to sail to the Bahamas in their 44 ft sailboat. They just got her and stayed the winter in Key West. They are from Maine and are here awaiting some parts. The couple we met at Treasure Cay that were from the Kingston Peninsula had stayed at this marina a month and loved it here. I can see why.

We passed by the bridge that we saw being built in November and it looked like they have accomplished quite a bit.

We came to our first swing bridge of the day, the Socastee and didn’t have a wait.

This is a very peaceful looking campsite along the waterway.

We saw our first sighting of Canada Geese today. Guess we must be getting close to home. They look like they are enjoying it here. And we also saw some fish, although these ones were not on the water. πŸ™‚

We also saw a lot of street signs along this guys property. Umm, now just where did he get those. We’re pretty sure that they didn’t wash up on shore. πŸ˜‰ And this next house is really quite a different design, don’t you think?

The sun was lovely this morning but still required hoodies and woolies. Another sign that we are getting closer to home. πŸ™‚ Notice the “must haves” on the cushion. A fly swatter for dog flies and a back scratcher for the gnat bites. So far so good today, but one must be prepared. And no, the Captain is not sunburned, it is a shadow. He is watching the geese that are swimming beside us and guiding us home. πŸ˜‰

We come to a railway bridge and it’s open so we motor on through.

This house was being built a few months ago when we went through. Looks like it’s coming along nicely. What a place!Β Β  although it is hard to see in the photo. There is sand that is at the end of that brick wall. Looks like they had created a small sandy beach for the kids. And they even have 2 boats.

Another new one is going up. Do you see what I see on the roof ? Kudos to those roofers. It looks pretty steep to me.Β Β  And how about this lady waving at us? Oh the things you see along the ICW πŸ™‚

The golf course along here was beautiful. We need what he’s using on his lawn for our properties don’t we, Jack and Charlene? And then we heard them, the familiar honk of those Canada Geese. They are headed north, just like us.

Actually most of the homes all the way along here in Myrtle Beach are massive, to say the least.

The tram way from the golf course across to the businesses and plaza was busy today. They were coming and going.

It was neat going under these three bridges. Myrtle Beach is a busy, busy place. Shortly after we passed by a marina at Barefoot Landing.

This is quite a place. There are outlet stores all along here. No time for shopping today though so we pass through the swing bridge.

We passed by the Marina at Dock Holidays (that have lots of jet skis for rent) and yet another swing bridge at Little River.

This is quite the tour boat isn’t it? And just look at this bright house. Sure gives a reflection in the water.

Oh and we were almost by this boat when I snapped the photo. Love the name on it. “That’s What She Said”. That made us laugh. πŸ™‚Β Β  Just beyond that was a lovely marina called Lightkeepers Marina. What a nice looking clubhouse.

Here’s the Big M Casino cruise boat. We could hear it on the radio awhile after we passed it here. She was going out the channel and gave a security call. Looks like these guys are having fun out on the water today. This was just before we crossed into North Carolina.

Anyone want to buy a boat? And here is that neat place we ate at on the way down, in Shallotte Point. If you bought a meal there, you could stay on the dock for free.

And would you look what we saw happening today? Sure hope no one is hurt.

We also saw a couple of Coast Guard Boats docked at the Southport Marina and later the larger boat passed us.

When we got to the Cape Fear inlet, we had the tide and the current from the ocean coming in and the wind against us. It was a bit rough and Mike couldn’t use the autopilot. There were a lot of ferries on this river too. The Bald Island Ferry dock is at the Deep Point Marina.

There are also a couple of container loading terminals here used by the army. And we could see this boat spraying water. We thought it may be a practise exercise as we saw no smoke.

Once out of the river and into the waterway again, it was much calmer.

We pulled into our anchorage at low tide at Carolina Beach and dropped anchor at 17:30. Anchor set and boat on the bottom. Not to worry, the tide will be in before we have to leave. It was a very long day. After supper we uploaded 2 blogs and turned in early.

Today we travelled 69.2 nm

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