April 20 – Awendaw to Osprey Marina, SC

We had set the alarm but in the middle of the night, Mike decided he would get up earlier. Figured he would be awake so didn’t bother resetting it to an earlier time. We had checked last night on his log for maintenance and the transmission fluid and filters needed to be changed too. But….we didn’t wake up until the alarm sounded. So we were an hour later leaving than we wanted. But, we got it all finished and weighed anchor at 08:10. Our anchorage buddy pulled out a half hour before us. Looked like it would be a lovely day. From the bow of the boat, we could see out to the ocean.

One of the first things we had intended to do was empty the dinghy that was so full of water from the storm.   Only, in our haste to leave, we forgot. So it was out with the halyard and pulling the dinghy upright to empty it out. One of the first trawlers to pass us today was a pretty red one. Loved the name on it. “Lady in Red”   A few minutes later we hear him on the radio hailing a marina for fuel.

Below are a few of the sights we saw today that made the drone of the motoring on the ICW bearable: 🙂

A couple of boats out checking their traps. We wondered if the second photo was a husband and wife team. We met a couple in Richibucto, NB. He was a fisherman and his girlfriend quit her job to go working with him. Going out in all kinds of weather and in the cold, now that must be love. 🙂

A park Ranger’s boat docked by one of the protected areas. And a hawk on the hunt.

These two boats went whizzing by so fast, I hardly had time to snap the photo. They were loaded with traps.

A floating swing bridge, (which we didn’t have to wait for).

And more photos.

One of the many dolphins that frolicked with us along route today.

Lots of times today, we were fighting the current; therefore slowing down and have come to realize one thing. South Carolina is in what they call the Low Country. We do know that Low Country = dog flies. Or at least this time of year. We battled them again today.

We passed by Georgetown which has a free dock. The boat that was in our anchorage told us this morning as they were leaving. He says it is a neat little town too. We passed by though just around noon and wanted to get further along.

It is very pretty along here. We remembered seeing how this bridge spans over the water and touches the land and then has to span over more water again with a marina just by the bridge.

We passed by the abandoned rice fields.

We heard an airboat coming and he had passengers on board. The name of his boat was Gator Bait. We wondered if he saw something as he stopped along a swamp. This is fresh water in here.

The sign for this place said Wachesaw Plantation. The grounds were beautiful and they had a lovely view of the river.

A lovely marina too and a schooner on the other side appropriately named Steel Away”.

The scenery in here reminded us of that along the Saint John River. This is a fresh water river and everything is so green and lush.

A marina and campground.

Some more shots of the river.

We pull into the marina at 16:15. We had radioed ahead for fuel and a slip for the night. After fuelling up, they just pulled us around on the dock opposite the fuel dock as there was room there. We saw these turtles who kept coming to the boat. The trawler that was behind us told us they like crackers. Wow, did they ever. One little guy had a chunk out of his shell. We wondered if he got too close to a prop. They were between our boat and the dock so the photos aren’t the greatest.

They would pop their heads up for the crackers.

We FaceTimed the grandkids so they could see them. They all thought it was so cool. We had our showers and did laundry. This place is lovely.  We figured we would be fighting the dog flies and bugs all night. Not so. The dock attendant told us we wouldn’t find any dog flies here. They have barn swallows that take care of that. Oh yes, that is what all the little bird houses were that we had seen in November when we were here. And he was right. No flies anywhere. The staff is so nice and the place is so clean. It was awesome to sit out at night and not have bugs around. We worked on the blog and watched a bit of TV.

Today we travelled 55.4 nm.

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