April 19 – Church Creek to Awendaw, SC Mile 435

All was quiet in the anchorage last night. We weighed anchor at 06:50. One trawler pulled away just as we did and the rest were still on the hook. The sailboat in the bottom photo pulled in when we were eating supper.   His boat was loaded down, especially his cockpit and it looked like he’s been on the ICW for awhile.

Again today, we saw some nice homes with such long docks out to the water and some close to the marsh lands. We can’t help but think just how bad the bugs would be for the home owners.

We saw this railway bridge across the marsh from us.

And a boat yard or yacht club with new docks out front and lots of boats in dry storage at the back. The clubhouse or marina had a large tent out front. And a Canadian boat on the dock.

This next photo is for you, Richard. You should invest in one of these, if you haven’t already. We emptied the fuel jug into the boat tank as we were going to fill up with fuel in Charleston. We had emptied our two jugs and needed fuel badly a couple of days ago. We always keep two full ones. This process is easy does a great job with no spillage.

Here’s a sign along the banks just before the bridge and just look at the houses.

This one is my favourite. Beautiful front stairway and lush green vines on the pillars.

By 09:30, we had passed under the Wappoo lift bridge and then the fixed bridge to the fuel dock. On our way in, we see lots and lots of yachts.

As we were fuelling up, we had this pelican entertain us taking a dive for a fish.

We did not take the long scenic route around the harbour today. We had seen that on our way down. But we did see the Naval aircraft carrier from a distance, still beside the bridge as it was in November.

Here’s some shots of the races today. It was nice to see some brightly coloured sails with the long cable stayed bridge in the background.

We could see them leaning over as they raced and one of the committee boats out with them.

We could also see Fort Sumter on our starboard side and a ferry boat with visitors.

We had hoped to make the 11:00 Ben Sawyer Swing Bridge opening but missed it by 9 minutes!. we bobbed around there till the next opening at 12:00. We saw this equipment here and thought it was for dredging. Finally we go through the bridge.

Other things we saw along “the ditch” today:

Some more lovely homes.

A house with a big happy face out front. Do you like it grandkids?

The Isle of Palms Marina.

Always seem to be lots of gravel banks in South Carolina.

A tower growing out of a cloud? lol

Mike hard at work focusing on keeping Persuasion from hitting bottom.

Crab traps right in middle of channel.

Buck Horn Recreation area and ferry dock.

There is a refuge here. The Cape Romain National Refuge. It’s right along here. There is a bit of marsh behind the trees and then it extends out to the ocean.

We pulled into the anchorage and set the anchor at 16:15.

A storm front was moving in on the anchorage. And this was before it got really dark.

We changed the oil before supper and heard another boat coming in to the anchorage. He hailed us after supper saying they had seen the tornado watch and storm warnings on the TV. We had seen the warnings also. It thundered and lightning for 20 minutes straight and the rain came pouring down. The thunder and lightning were so close together, it was scary. We kept doing circles on our anchor. Highest winds we saw though were 30kn. Glad it wasn’t any worse. It blew over within the hour and all was calm the rest of the evening. We uploaded a blog and watched a bit of TV.

Today we travelled 46.8 nm.

One thought on “April 19 – Church Creek to Awendaw, SC Mile 435

  1. Thanks for the photos and explanation of the fueling method; its now on my list! Do you strain the fuel at the pump or in the hose? Also, do you have a mailing address coming up in the next week? I’d like to send you some party gear for the upcoming Kentucky Derby, May 2nd; its a horse race with no connection to sailing, but it is a great excuse for a party! send me a marina address or somewhere I can send a small box and you will be able pick it up before the Derby. Thanks again!


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