April 17 – Possum Pt. GA to Beaufort, SC

That’s right folks! South Carolina just like that. Boom!

This morning was downright nippy. It’s either too humid or too chilly. You just can’t satisfy us. 😉 We weighed anchor at 07:05. We had to get used to using the wash down pump on the anchor again. In the Bahamas the water was so clean. By time it was up from the bottom all the sand was long gone.

One of the first things we saw from the ditch this morning was this house with quite the stairway to a patio on the roof. And lots of folks heading across the bridge to work, no doubt.

We did think that these fallen trees, some covered with spanish moss, along the shore made for pretty photos.

We motored into the Isle of Hope Marina shortly after 08:00. We were rather worried that we may not make it because we very low on fuel. Mike told the dock master we were sucking fumes. We took on fuel and water. Here is Persuasion at the dock. Yes, I see we are getting that ICW smile. Here’s some other boats at dock as well as at anchor.

We see some beautiful houses along the shore as we head out.

And an osprey nest with one in it and a lot of little birds on top of someone’s boat house.

We weren’t sure what this vessel was when we took the photo but on closer examination, we see the sign on it says “The Skidaway Institute of Oceanography”.   We had stayed just off the Skidaway River last night.

There are many lovely Southern homes along the ICW.

We passed by Thunderbolt Marine today and my there were some huge yachts in there. The navy sailboat had 5 spreaders and must have been 100 ft long.

We also saw two well known yacht makers today. One on each side of the river.

The Causton lift bridge was our first lift bridge today and they held the opening until we caught up to the other boat so there would only need to be one opening.

Shortly after, we saw some fuel storage tanks. We could see the loading docks around them across on the Savannah River.

We could definitely feel the current pushing Persuasion as we crossed the Savannah River. And crossing that river means we are out of the State of Georgia and into the State of South Carolina. Yahoo!

And it was right then……that we were boarded by the US Coast Guard.   We heard them hailing us and to go to channel 22, I could see their lights flashing and they came along side. They asked when the last time we were boarded by a US Coast Guard and we never had. Only time ever was with the Bahamas Coast Guard in Nassau.. Two came on board while the USCG vessel kept his distance and circled. They were very professional and nice young men. We passed, no problem and have the paper to prove it. 🙂 He said if we were asked again if we had been boarded to show this paper. It is good for one year and they may just ask to see the paper or give a quick check.

That was a nice friendly welcome to South Carolina. Shortly after they left us, we saw the barge coming carrying a truck? Yep, on closer look it was a truck and a small loader. And once again, the birds went crazy. A dolphin was even doing some “fishing”.

This little trawler was behind us and gave us a call on the radio. He saw our Canadian flag. They are from Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan but have a cottage in Huntsville, ON. Very nice man. They are doing the Great Loop. Don’t you just love the name on it. “I Think I Can”. Too cute. Don’t you think you guys would love this little boat grand kiddies?

Just after lunch today, we came upon this red sailboat. Man were they loaded down. The Captain hailed them when we saw they were from ON. They are from Kingston and on their way home after being in the Abacos this winter. Sounded like a lovely young couple. Adventurous for sure to sail all the way over in such a small boat.

We could see the homes with the long board walks. We noticed these before when we were coming down and couldn’t believe the length of some of them.

We also passed a marina and RV park.

And another dolphin right beside the boat, swimming along beside us for awhile. Too bad the water wasn’t clearer, he was just below the surface for so long. We did get his tail.

And a barge with a pink crane and a pink tug boat for Margie and Elle. 🙂

We didn’t think we would make it for the 16:00 opening for the Lady’s Island Swing Bridge in Beaufort, SC but we made it in just the nick of time. We hailed the bridge operator and she saw us coming. Otherwise, the next opening would be 18:00. We made it just in time. We saw the Beaufort marina on our way to the bridge. And we noticed when passing through the bridge that someone had gotten just too close to the bridge. It was broken on each side. That must have been scary.

We had radioed ahead to TJ, the manager at the Lady’s Island Marina and got a slip for the night. (We had anchored in here in November and the staff was so hospitable to us letting us use the facilities and wifi). We touched bottom on the way in trying to get out of the way of another boat but was able to keep going. The Captain says we are learning to plough. 🙂

TJ was waiting for us on the dock. We love the people here. TJ joked that they are southern Canadians. lol The bugs, noseeums and gnats were bad tonight. Too humid and not enough wind. We put all our screens in, went for showers and walked up to the Fillin’ Station for steak night. But it was just too crowded so we went to the Dockside restaurant right by the marina. We came back and did some Facetimes and calls and blogged. It was raining when we went to bed.

Today we travelled 54.5 nm.

3 thoughts on “April 17 – Possum Pt. GA to Beaufort, SC

  1. Poor persuassion, she sure is “kissing the bottom” a lot. I do remember you saying last year on your way south that they didn’t mark well. Tayton is all interested in the swing bridges and draw bridges, I see a long conversation between Grampie and Tayton happening very soon.
    PS. love the pink tug and crane pics that you took for your little girls!!


  2. You folks are really making time. You come a long ways since April 7. Its only the 19 today. thats about 2 weeks since you sailed from the Bahamas. Keep it up and you’ll be home sooner than you think. charlene
    Its supposed to rain all week and we sure need it. Its been very dry this spring. we have had no moisture at all.


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