April 16 – Wallys Leg to Possum Pt. GA Mile 597

It rained most of the evening and some in the night. We remembered to pump the water from the dinghy before leaving. Anchor was up at 06:45 And the rain had cleared the air. In fact, we needed our woolies this morning.

And it was a rainy dull day. I blogged most of the day but did snap a few shots now and then.

Here’s some of the things we saw along the ICW today:

A tug pushing a barge along. And as it went by, the birds following it went crazy and noisy. We have noticed this before and realized that it must stir up the water so the birds can see the fish. They dive down and get their fish.

We got a push from the tide again today. Gradually, we run out of that good push and were into fighting the current as you can see.

A brightly coloured fishing boat was out today. Love the name on it, High Hopes. This trawler was the one in our anchorage last night.

Here’s a little barge with a small digger on it Tayton and Easton.

And we kissed the ground again today, just briefly. Channels are not well marked in Georgia. We now know why some people avoid Georgia. They leave the ICW at Fernandina, FL and take the ocean to South Carolina.

Some boats behind us were hailing as we went through Hells Gate. It is another location where you must transit on the tide. A boat before us called back and reported 4 feet. We were a ways behind and when we passed we had no less than 9 feet.

We pulled off the ICW and set the anchor at 17:00. We could see some of the boats going by out in the channel. We were being pushed by the current one way and the wind another as the tide was coming in. It all settled down eventually though.

So not a lot of sights on the Homeward Bound journey today. Stick with us though, tomorrow is another day. 🙂

Today we travelled 60.2 nm.

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