April 15 – Fort George River to Wallys Leg, GA Mile 677

What a night we had! So many noseeums. We battened down the hatches but they were already in and it was so muggy.   We opened them in the middle of the night when we heard the wind was up but they were still bad. We have so many bites.

We weighed anchor at 06:50. The peaceful, calm setting in here belied our terrible and sleepless night as we headed out to the markers on the ICW.

One of the first sights we saw today along the ICW was a sailboat pulling up anchor. We wondered if he had been bothered by the noseeums all night too, being so close to the marsh here. And some pelicans that looked like they were resting. Maybe they too had a sleepless night.

We came to our first fixed bridge, the Amelia Twin Highway Bridge, spanning the St. Mary’s river, shortly after 09:00. The SSRR Bridge was open too so we motored on through. Seeing the pulp truck crossing the bridge made us realize that the smell we were getting was coming from the pulp and paper mill further along.

A trawler had pulled away from the Amelia Island Yacht Basin that was under the bridge and we could see the ICW smile on their bow. Ours is starting to look like that too. 😦 When they passed us, we could see their potted plants. A nice looking older couple looking to get away from the snow and cold in New Hampshire.

And here is that pulp and paper mill.

There was a nice looking tour boat going out for the day.

Fernandina Harbor Marina is beautiful too.

We passed some rail cars so of course we had to take some pictures. There was a sign of one of them that said golden triangle. The railway was right beside a loading dock and another pulp mill. Right across from this was a fishing boat that obviously was no longer used for fishing and just down from there, a sailboat that had seen way better days.

For a little while we were getting a push from the tide but it was short lived. As we looked back you could see just how big one of those mills were.

Today when we passed the Cumberland Island Natural Resource, we saw a wild horse on shore. In November when we passed by, there were none out wandering around. We also passed by Fort Clinch State Park.

As we recalled there are always lots of coast guard and security boats here at the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base. We were not sure what type of base it was back in November but have since learned that it is for submarines.

They were busy dredging there today.

And right after we passed all that and at lunchtime, we were on the ICW in Georgia. That’s right, Sarah. Help is on the way dearie! We should be home soon to help out with your wedding. We can start planning that bridal shower, Amber. Hope you girls had fun shopping on the weekend and got a lot of things crossed off that to-do list.

Here’s a few of the sights we saw this afternoon:

This cottage high up on a hill and a huge buoy that has washed up from the ocean which is to the right of that cottage.

A water park on Jekyll Island and the marina there. A cute little boat anchored nearby there.

Went under a bridge. Part of the old lift bridge is still there. Going through Jekyll Creek, Persuasion did some “ploughing” The captain read afterwards that you don’t do Jekyll Creek on low tide. Oops!

Two pretty white pelicans and I spy my little eye on a little sandpiper. My favourite. 🙂 Do you see him?

A ship heading out to the ocean. and a fishing boat, hopefully filling his nets.

A cable stayed bridge that we looked at for miles and miles. Remembered seeing it in November. I got it right this time Ken, thanks to you. 🙂

A parkland with lots of places to enjoy the dock and fish while protected from the sun.

A Sea Tow boat speeding by off to help someone. A storm brewing as we enter our anchorage.

We set the anchor at 16:20. . And right after, it started to rain. We emptied our fuel jugs into Persuasion before it started really coming down. We hoped that it would clear the humidity. We uploaded a blog after supper. One other boat pulled into the anchorage tonight. She too has the ICW smile. 🙂

Today we travelled 61 nm.

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