April 14 – Fort Matanzas to Fort George River

Well, the anchor alarm went off a couple of times in the night but we did not need to reset. Just a lot of swinging in the current.   It was a beautiful morning when we pulled up anchor at 06:50. One boat left before us and two others were left in the anchorage. You can see the current in the photo.

We can also see the silt on the land from the dredging and a hungry egret searching for food.

We hailed for our first lift bridge of the day which was due to open on demand. We had slowed our speed as the boat that had left earlier this morning, had fallen behind and we would wait to go through the bridge together. And then the captain saw it happen just as I was getting the camera ready for some photos of the bridge. It was a loud bang. We guessed that the pick up was travelling too close when the bridge gates went down to stop the traffic. His day got off to a bad start. As we were going through the bridge, we could see the guys on the bridge assessing the damage.

Just before getting into St. Augustine, south of the mooring field, Persuasion kissed the bottom of the channel. The captain was able to avoid getting stuck. Thank goodness. We arrived at the fuel dock there around 09:30. We got our fuel and asked for a mooring ball. Our main reason to stay was to see Greg and Lyn again from Paperbird. They were spending some time here until tomorrow or Friday. So we thought we would get our haircuts and have a coffee or lunch with them. When Mike paid, he asked about them and was told they had checked out. (in hindsight, Mike said the guy didn’t check that well. We found out later by email later that they were still there and leaving the next day. Maybe they were anchored out somewhere) When Mike came back to the boat and told me they were gone, I said maybe we should move on then as it was so early in the day. Luckily the marina gave us back the money for the mooring ball. He said that they were very busy with moorings right now. I can imagine with lots of boats coming back from the Islands. The humidity is so high today and temperatures in the high 80’s. We don’t want to complain though as it was the opposite when we were here in November, with below freezing temperatures, bitter cold winds and ice on the docks!

We did see this tall ship from Spain docked here. St. Augustine is celebrating their 450th anniversary.

And lots of boats in the harbour. Our timing was just right leaving the dock as we only had a 5 minute wait for the opening of the Bridge of Lions.

We could see the city with it’s beautiful buildings, the port and many other things we saw on the bus tour in November.

We saw these guys pulling up anchor as we were leaving too. Pulling it up by by hand. Man, that must be a chore. And here is that beautiful lighthouse that we learned about on the bus tour. Seems to me they mentioned that it had something like 276 steps. Wow and our friends, Eric and Elke told us that they had walked to the top once when visiting here.

Mike noticed this little store called Mike’s Place. Seems if you like fishing and beer, it is the place to go. And we also passed by the airport.

Again today we saw more boats washed ashore from storms that had gone through. Also lots of pelicans along the marshy edge. and crab pots up on shore awaiting the tide to come back in.

Here are some other sights we saw along the ICW today:

A large house being built; the brick work being done on it. Had a separate large garage with dormers being built too.

Some buzzards with one enjoying a fish. And look at Ronald McDonald, grandkids, waving at us.

Some very, very large homes with canal access but a sign out front said Island Harbour Private Waterway No Trespassing.

A bridge having repair work done.

US Coast Guard whizzing past us as a small craft reported taking on water.

A dry dock and ship yard.

And a big boat coming at us, before heading out to the ocean. It looked a lot like the car carrier ship we had seen in Shearwater, NS. The prop wash from him was unbelievable.

A barge type boat that was being built and will go to New Orleans, LA.. We had this boat picture in our blog, November 18. A lot of work has been completed in 5 months.

And look at his crane hard at work, Tayton and Easton.

So lots of interesting things today on the water and it was by this busy yard that we hailed Sisters Creek Bridge our last lift bridge for the day.

This little gull looked pretty floating in the water as we motored along and Sea Lark passed us as we were heading into our anchorage. (Sea Lark was the one we had seen in St. Augustine, with the guys lifting the anchor by hand.) He radioed us and told us where there was a shallow spot to watch for. They were heading up to Fernandina Beach to go to the bar he said. We dropped anchor at 17:00 across from the Timucuan Preserve Kingsley Plantation. When we were here in November, it was right after a very bad thunder and lightning storm with lots of rain. Today, it looked a bit different.

These peacocks gave us a bit of a show after supper.

We uploaded a blog tonight and watched a bit of TV. No breeze tonight, very muggy.

Today we travelled 51 nm.

7 thoughts on “April 14 – Fort Matanzas to Fort George River

  1. you will notice something different about our house when you get home. We put a new roof on it. They started yesterday and are finished today. It sure went on quick. I went over and cut off your hydrangeas because I didn’t think you would be home in time. I may go and dig out the wild grasses in them too.The weather has been a lot nicer this week . cheers charlene


    1. Yes, can’t wait to see it Charlene. Your snow must be all gone now. Amber said it was around 30 there yesterday. Yahoo Should be home the end of May. We are speeding right along, in SC last night. 🙂


  2. Hi guys! So what’s the plan ? Do you have a coming home date set yet? Where do you plan to leave the boat? Lots of questions eh!
    Lots of love to you! Ray and Esther


    1. Great to touch base with you last night. Will see you the end of May, if not before. Would love to meet up with you guys and have you on Persuasion on a part of our journey home. 🙂


  3. Man! I love that you take photos of everything. Let us know sometime how many photos you took total on your journey.


    1. Loved all your comments, Nelse. With so many photos every day, it’s hard to pick just a few that are blog worthy. We do intend to give the amount of photos in the last blog of our adventure. 🙂


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