April 13 – Titusville to Fort Matanzas

First thing we would like to do today is send a big shout out to our daughter in England. She participated in the Paris-Roubaix Challenge 2015 this past weekend. She was one of the 5,000 participants who overcame the cobblestones of Roubaix. Not an easy feat, especially after 50 km in, she was hit by a car! (She saw the car was not going to stop and she was thrown onto the hood) So scary.   Even though badly bruised and helmet cracked, she finished the rest of the 120 km! What a trooper, way to go girl! We are so proud of you Becca, and very thankful that after being checked out, all is well. Those motorists! She sent us this photo. It’s of her crossing the finish line in the velodrome. 🙂

On with the blog…..

Well, did it rain in the night. We had taken the breeze buddy out just in case it did. Had the Vberth window open though and closed it just in time. It poured for quite awhile. We had set the anchor alarm but we stayed put. We weighed anchor at 07:00 and motored through the NASA Railway Bridge.

Before long, we saw a young man out early this morning checking his traps.

Shortly after 08:00 we came to our first lift bridge, it was the NASA Haulover Canal Bridge. Before going through the bridge, Mike noticed a manatee and we could see lots in the water. They are so large and just seem to roll over.

The Haulover Canal has a protected area here for the manatees and that’s why we had just seen some and then we saw even more manatees. It was so nice to finally see them fairly close to us. Look at the tail on one of them.

Shortly after that, the Captain realized that we hadn’t thought to empty the water from the dinghy this morning and it had rained so hard in the night. There was definitely too much water in there for his liking so we raised it up by the halyard and let it pour out. So much water!

Maybe the dolphins liked hearing the sound of the water running out because Mike looked back and he saw a couple coming.

An hour or so later, we passed by an RV park. And saw that someone was turning their pontoon boat into a house boat. And the next photo of a house boat has quite the camouflage boat tied beside it.

And also a couple of derelict boats. Somehow, I don’t think this boat will get ever get moved by February.

This little trawler passed us more than once today. This time we saw a dolphin enjoying his bow wake.

We also passed a couple of mobile home parks today. The first one had a community swimming pool.

We were not sure if there were live aboards still on these boats but they sure had lots of lines out. Perhaps they didn’t want to end up like the boat in the last photo.

Or this boat. Yikes!   A little ways farther and we saw this couple out catching some rays. It is so hot and humid, they no doubt had a swim to get cooled off.

New Smyrna Beach is a nice clean looking place. We remembered thinking that when we went by it in November. And also remembered seeing the line of condos too.   We did not have much of a wait at the George E. Musson Memorial lift bridge there either.

After lunch we could see the bridges of Daytona ahead of us.

So many of them. The Memorial Twin Bridges, The International Speedway Blvd Bridge, the Main Street lift bridge, the Seabreeze Twin Bridges, and the West Granada Blvd Bridge. We won’t bore you with all the photos though. However, we did see this boat coming under one of the bridges. Looked like a house from a distance.

After Daytona, there were more bridges.   The Ormond Beach Bridge and the Knox Memorial Bridge. That’s a lot of bridges and we had even gone under some earlier. The Knox Memorial Bridge is very memorable because we could see it from a distance just as we ran aground. Mike tried to back it off but no luck. He got in the dinghy and put it in reverse. Persuasion moved out of the mud but unfortunately not before I had swamped Mike in the dinghy. Back into deeper water, and the water pumped out of the dinghy and we were on our way. No time for photos when all this was going on but we won’t forget this spot on the ICW. Or the lift bridge.

After supper today, we saw a couple of nice looking marinas. The Marina at Hammock Beach Resort and The Palm Coast Marina. One on each side of the ICW. Lots of large yachts at the Hammock Beach one with all the condos.

It was 19:30 when we set anchor at Fort Matanzas. The current here is very strong. We remembered that when we were here in November. Then we were right across from the fort. We uploaded a blog and set the anchor alarm. (we found out later in an email from Paperbird they were able to get wifi here.) Guess we didn’t think to try it. Today was a really long day.

Today we travelled 76.5 nm.

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