April 12 – Vero Beach to Titusville

The sun wasn’t up this morning when we let the lines go from the mooring ball. It was 06:30 and we knew it would be a long day. No time to enjoy “Velcro Beach” this time. Since deciding to take the boat home, we are on a tight schedule. Hoping to make it home by the end of May. That will be alot of nautical miles under Persuasion’s hull!

Today is going to be another scorcher! Everything along the ICW was quiet as we watched the sun come up. The homes along here are massive. Some look like they may have in-law or guest suites on one end.

This one is my favourite. 🙂

Other than houses along the ICW, we always take notice of wildlife. We got a bird on each tree in this shot. And we could just see the head in this nest.

Also guaranteed photos on the ICW are of dredgers. They gotta keeep the silt out of “the ditch”.   Today being Sunday, they were not working.

And there is never a shortage of marinas and boat yards too.

The Captain noticed this neat looking place today. Most of it was hidden by the trees though.

He also spied this wooden boat being built, replicating the smaller one, we believe.

Folks along here sure love their fishing too.

As we were eating lunch today, we heard a loud noise overhead and looked up to see some sort of military plane. It was flying quite low as he turned before heading off again.

And of course, there is always some derelict boats along the ditch too. More than likely from a hurricane or bad storm.

We could see evidence of how quick a storm could come up. We thought we were ahead of that cloudburst but when we looked behind us, we could see the torrential downpour and it was headed our way. As typical Florida rain goes, it didn’t last long.

We met a tour boat and also saw a family on a sailboat that looked vaguely familiar to our own family when we first started sailing. 🙂

We motored along and looked at these hydro lines crossing the water for a very long time before we actually went under them.

We also could see the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral for some time too. Also could see that the parking lot was full at the Astronaut Hall of Fame. We did not have to wait long for the Nasa Causeway Bridge today. In November we had to wait about 45 minutes while they replaced some pins in one of the lifts.

As we passed through the bridge, we saw lots of pelicans and cormorants sitting pretty. They were sitting so still, they almost didn’t look real.

As we were pulling into the Titusville marina for fuel, the wind came up. Isn’t that always the way? While Mike was paying for the fuel I got a shot of Westland Marina which is right in front of the Titusville Municipal Marina fuel dock. This is one of the storage yards that was also recommended to us. Geoff and Bunkey from Tobermory, ON keep theirs here. In fact, we got an email that they now have Party of Two on the hard and have safely driven home. I also noticed this sign on the dock while I waited for Mike. Looks like a hurricane must have taken out the docks here at one time. This one is fairly new.

This trawler was coming in as we were leaving and we could see the sky getting very dark. We set the hook at 17:00 amidst quite a wind and some choppy waves and put in the breeze buddy but just as we figured, the rain came down.

We had to eat outside as it was so hot below. Again, we are thankful for the enclosure. We could put up the sides but have the back open to get some breeze. Rain didn’t last long and we opened up some hatches. Tonight, we did some blogging while we watched Bones on TV.   It sure was a long day today.

Today we travelled 66.2 nm.

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