April 11 – Hoggs Cove to Vero Beach

We weighed anchor and left before the sun was up at 06:30.   Yvonne was up cleaning her fridge. And she waved to us with her flashlight. lol This was the sky at around 07:00, (when it was finally light enough to take a photo) and about 15 minutes later.

At 08:00 we passed under a bridge, we could see that people were out already hoping to get their catch of the day.

We are definitely back in the land of the pelicans.

Passing under the power lines always seems to make me a bit anxious. They look much lower than they actually are. Lots of pretty scenery along the way this morning.

And some sand bars.

There are two bridges for Fort Pierce. We went under the first one and could see quite a busy terminal. We looked starboard to Fort Pierce Inlet and could see all markings for where they are working to move a sunken barge.

On our port there is a lovely little beach and people were out enjoying the water.

Lots of marinas and storage yards too. And a bright green sailboat named Molly. (the name of our golden retriever who was part of our family for 10 years). 😦   we also noticed a boat anchored here from Picton, ON and remembered seeing it anchored in Marsh Harbour when we were there.

After we went through the lift bridge, We noticed this bright sign right away. When we sailed through here on our way to the Bahamas, the sign was old and washed out. We saw more marinas too. We wondered which of all these marinas, was Riverside. We have met a few boaters on the trip who keep their boat at Riverside in Fort Pierce for the summer.

We always see lots of condos too. Depending on what side you are on, you’d have a view of the ocean. 🙂

As we travelled along, I worked on the blog and time passed quickly. We went under the bridge to Vero Beach.

Mike had hailed ahead for fuel and a mooring ball. Luckily, they had one left. We got our water tanks filled too and met a man on the dock who was from Michigan. He was interested in the dinghy-tow concept and talked to Mike about it. We picked up our mooring at 12:30. We found out from the marina that the buses only run until 15:00 on Saturday. We ate a quick lunch. We won’t have time to get to Walmart here or get our haircuts done. We caught the bus and I went for a few groceries while Mike walked up to the bank and to West Marine. We took a cab back and after groceries were put away, it was almost 16:00. We snapped these photos of the houses across from our mooring ball. And some shots of the mooring field in here. We’re in the Northfield. The Southfield mooring is full as well. . Lots of people spend the whole winter here while others are heading back to storage or home after being in the Bahamas.

We headed over to the showers and to do laundry.   We are smothering in this humidity! The connection to the wifi was not great but we were able to FaceTime the kids although had to do audios as the connection was too poor. We checked our emails and headed back to the boat before a light rain shower.

We uploaded a blog and turned in.

Today we travelled 37.3 nm.

One thought on “April 11 – Hoggs Cove to Vero Beach

  1. Another day and you will be out of Florida. Maybe even today if you get going again. Its a long trip in Florida isn’t it. Once you get out of Florida it will go faster I’m sure. You don’t want to get home too soon or you will have to live on your boat for a while. Enjoy your journey.

    see you soon

    Jack and Charlene


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