April 10 – North Lake Worth to Hoggs Cove

First of all, we’d like to comment to a couple folks for your latest comments on the blog. I will do it from here as this is being typed in Word right now as we travel and are not on the internet. Charlene, you are so right. Your comment on being able to follow us around now, with more AIS stations, makes it easier to see our progress along the ICW. We will indeed be home soon.

And Richard, we were so touched by your comment. You have been a great follower. We look forward to the day when you shove off on your adventure and we can follow along with you. When we get home and have good internet and phone plan, we will stay in touch and be glad to answer any questions you may have. You will surely love your sailing adventure, wherever it may be.

We tried to time our departure this morning with the first lift bridge opening. The first of many…..there were 7 today! And many more that we could just motor under without waiting for a lift. We are back into the land of bridges, Ken.

We weighed anchor at 08:05. The anchorage looked much different than when we were here in January. Lots of boaters stage themselves here to wait for the weather window to cross to the Bahamas and then when they return, many stage themselves in South Lake Worth, like we did as it is close to a customs office. As you can see there’s not many boats here. The last photo is of Trinity I, Dan and Lucie’s boat.

However, our timing as a bit off as we got to the first bridge 25 minutes early. Better early than late! We had motored to this marina dock the day before we left in January and they were nice enough to take our old batteries that day too. We snapped some photos while we waited. Quite the yacht, isn’t it? We remembered seeing it before and wondered it the name Scott Free, meant she was rid of a guy named Scot or if they were free of any issues, debt or something. The time came for the opening and we were on our way.

The houses along the ICW here are beautiful. We took photos of a lot of them before but couldn’t resist taking them again. So many windows in most of them. Glad I don’t have to clean them. (although chances are, they don’t have to either. If one can afford these places, chances are they have window cleaners). lolย ย  And lots have boats on slips. We’re guessing the owner of the boat in the last photo has greyhound dogs;)

And seems that we can tell what this owner is interested in too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The next lift bridge we came to, was the bridge on PGA Blvd in West Palm Beach that we had walked across yesterday to the AT&T. We met the lift operator coming out of his station as we walked across and he gave us the hours on operation and schedule. We thanked him and he joked that we could just leave him a tip in the tip jar as we passed through. Today as we passed under and the Captain radioed to thank him for the opening he made mention he didn’t see the tip jar. We saw yesterday just how busy this little canal front cafe/restaurant is. The place was loaded with people enjoying lunch.

We pass more beauties on the canal.

By 09:30 we come to our third lift bridge.

An hour later, we got to the Indiantown Rd lift bridge. And after passing through, we see this huge yacht tied to the dock .There’s also two of these Wyndham Grand condos or apartments here. We remembered seeing them before too.

As we approached the Jupiter Federal Bridge, we saw paddle boarders out enjoying the day. Again today, it is very muggy and hot. Temperatures in the high 80’s.

Looks like these pelicans were basking in the sun as we passed through.

The captain likes Jupiter. He thinks it is a nice looking place. I tend to agree with him. Nice looking resort, clean looking water, lighthouse and park; seems like an idyllic setting. There are two lift bridges here, one the Jupiter Federal Bridge and the Jupiter Island Bridge. As we looked back, we could see Modaki and two other boats motoring through the bridge.

More paddle boarders and kayakers out in the sun. Love this condo complex right on the water. Maybe if they have any openings, we could move into one of these and relocate to Jupiter. ๐Ÿ˜‰

A few minutes later the drone of motoring down the ICW was interrupted by the sounds of helicopters, three of them. Not sure if they were practising manoeuvres or in search of something.

Shortly after lunch, we passed under our last lift bridge, the seventh today at Hobie Sound. Still being followed. ๐Ÿ˜‰

And we are still seeing huge houses. Some have large screened in areas. I can well imagine that the mosquitoes and noseeums would be rampant here.

I’m not sure if you remember seeing these photos we posted before grand kiddies, but we took another one today. Isn’t this little tugboat one of the cutest things ever? And a neat little patio house beside it. Just the right size for all Nannie and Grampies sweet grandkids. ๐Ÿ™‚

Right after, Mike noticed a big nest in a tree ahead and it had an osprey in it.

As we passed Peck Lake, we were struck by how few boats were anchored. In January when we were here, it seemed packed with boats heading to North Lake Worth staging to cross. Lots of little boats out though, not too many people around though, so figured they may have walked through to the ocean.

We set the anchor in Hoggs Cove at 14:20. Very hot and muggy. Joe and Yvonne came over and we each shared some snacks for our last night with them. They are staying in Stuart for a couple of days before heading up to the Okeechobee Waterway where they will leave Modaki for the summer before driving back to Owen S ound. We will miss them. We sure had some great fun walking the sandy beaches in the Bahamas. Not to mention finding some great shells and treasures for the grand kids. They left around 17:30 and it looked like they may get soaked on the way back to their boat. The wind came up and the skies looked a bit grey but nothing happened.

Late this afternoon we heard a train whistle, Ken and Kevin. The first one in a long time. We uploaded a blog and turned in early. We want to get an early start tomorrow.

Today we travelled 28.7 nm.


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