April 9 – South Lake Worth to North Lake Worth

We were ready with all our documentation and passports and in the dinghy by 08:30. Look at the pirate ship we saw on our way over, kids? It was tied to the dock so quite hard to get a great photo. It could be rented out for birthday parties and later when we were leaving, we saw some kids lined up with balloons ready to do just that. Look at all the life jackets under the roof.

We finally found the dinghy dock and walked up to pay our $10.00. The lady told us the wifi was only available in the office or right outside so Yvonne and I sat on a bench outside and sent a message to our kids letting them know we had arrived back in the USA. Joe took our ticket for proof of paying back to the dinghy and then we headed off to the check in with customs. It was just a few blocks away.   There was one man ahead which took a bit of time but within an hour, both we and Modaki were finished. A little 4 year old girl entertained us while she waited with her parents. Said she was a teacher and had a beach pail with a rubber caterpillar in it with a plastic flower that she was feeding it. She wanted to teach us a song to sing to the caterpillar. And when she left, she told us to practice the song. lol

We then came back and Mike and Joe walked to get our shower bags from the dinghies while Yvonne and I checked emails. We heard from some that had been tracking us on Marine Traffic and had gotten notice that we had arrived in Florida. The security guard led us to the showers. We each had our own private room with a large shower. Very clean and nice. After we headed back to the office so Joe could send off an email and we met Dan and Lucie on their way to customs. I finally got to meet them. Mike had seen them a few times since the runaway boat day at Treasure Cay.

We saw a guy feeding fish off the dock on our way to our dinghies. They were huge and all anxious to get the food!

It certainly is a busy place here. There was a huge boat in a floating dry dock that was being worked on and a Big Lift was loading boats, no doubt being shipped overseas.

Looks like we were being followed back to our boat. 🙂 First thing we did when we got to Persuasion was remove the Q flag and raise the US courtesy flag.

We had chatted a bit earlier to a couple who was anchored beside us. They are from Anchorage Alaska. They sold everything, bought a Bristol 45 in Annapolis and are waiting for the window to cross to the Bahamas for a couple of months. Apparently lots of boats head over there in the summer to get away from the humidity in Florida. The trade winds there make it much more pleasant. We sure can see why. It’s been humid here since we arrived. They were just pulling up anchor to go for fuel and water and hope to leave tomorrow.

We ate a quick lunch and weighed anchor at 12:15. As were pulling it up, a cargo ship was heading out the channel guided by tugs and a beautiful yacht was coming into the anchorage. As we motored along, we saw some more gorgeous homes and tugs coming back in.

We headed down the inlet into North Lake Worth. And could see folks out enjoying the day. We wondered what these little huts were. We had noticed them in January when we went through here on our way for the crossing. Then under the first bridge of many now that we are back in the US.

Hey, we noticed Griffin here when we entered. They were in Rose Island when we were there. They had kids and grandkids on board visiting from Sudbury.

We set the anchor at 13:25 and headed off with Modaki to walk across the bridge to AT&T for a data plan. On our way back, Mike stopped at West Marine, Joe had taken his fuel jug to fill, so he took that back to the boat and Yvonne and I walked to this church and got some photos of the banyan trees here. We could see the back of the church property and the trees from our anchorage. They had noticed them when they were here before so decided to take a closer look.   She joked that they had lots of time to see things as they waited here for 3 weeks to get a weather window.

I felt pretty small in amongst the roots.

The folks from Griffin stopped by as they dingied to their boat. They live in Toronto and are going back to the Bahamas again now with their boat where they will have it hauled out in Bimini. Then they’ll be back in December.

Man, it is humid today! We all got back to Publix together and thoroughly enjoyed the shopping. What a pleasure getting fresh fruits and vegetables and at reasonable prices. Avacados were $1.00 each and we would have to pay $3.99 or more in the Bahamas. And apples were $3.99 a bag instead of $1.00 to $1.99 for one, depending on what kind they were. And crackers were so expensive there. Oh well, all part of the adventure. We got our groceries and walked back to the boat. Very, very hot. Joe came over after supper and they looked at the bridges and the opening times for tomorrow.

I know some of you have been asking if we are sailing the boat home. We thought for a time that we may leave Persuasion in Florida and talked to other cruisers about where they leave theirs. But the Captain decided we would bring her home and get some work done. I will let him elaborate on what needs to be done.

Today we travelled 5.6 nm.

Note: The main reason is to repair the center board. It has been jammed up inside the keel for a number of years. I rarely ever used it before so it wasn’t a big deal. When we arrived in the Bahamas I found the pennant disconnected. So my concern is it may fall down with no way to get it back up. I contemplated drilling and pinning it but if I ever decide to sell Persuasion it would be an issue. Also; the stuffing box needs re-packing and I may install a dripless. There are many more small items that need attention.

The Captain

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