April 7 – Great Sale Cay to West End, Grand Bahama Island

Oh, before we get on with today’s blog, I want to mention about a comment we received today. (Just in case, some folks don’t read the comments.) The day we were leaving Staniel Cay with Sarah and James, we snapped a photo of a boat named IDOL and mentioned in the blog that we wondered if it might have something to do with American Idol or a movie star. Well, our friend in NB found out that it is a chartered boat and is a mere $300,000/week. Just imagine! Thanks Scott for taking the time to do some sleuthing. Maybe next year, you and Erin along with your mom and dad can rent IDOL for a week and meet us down here. 🙂

We had set the alarm for 5:45 today as we wanted to get an early start. We weighed anchor as soon as it was light and headed out at 06:45. The sun was breaking through the clouds as we rolled out the jib.

The winds were out of the east 12-15 kn. I worked on the blog in the morning. We motor sailed for awhile and then turned the motor off and sailed along with the head sail. We did some cleaning today. We packed away all our conchs and shells and Mike cleaned up the cushions in the cockpit. So much sand. Then when we started the engine again, I vacuumed the cockpit and below.

When we reached Mangrove Cay Mike checked the tide tables and saw that we would we close to low tide when we reached Indian Cay Passage.  He radioed Modaki and we all decided to error on the side of safety and diverted to Memory Rock.  It would add a couple of hours to our trip but we won’t have to worry about running aground on the wrong side of the tide.

After lunch, we had some excitement. Joe radioed us to say that they had 2 dolphins by their boat and they were headed over to ours. They put on a show for us. Frolicking in the waves at the bow and going back and forth from our bow to theirs. I guess they didn’t want us to leave the Bahamas.

Here’s some more. Look at them at their bow. Yvonne was snapping photos and Joe was getting a video. This went on for a good 10 minutes or longer. It kept us busy running back and forth to see them and get photos.

This one was giving us a wink.

The rest of the afternoon was restful and quiet as we had the motor off a lot. We read while Popeye did the steering. We were doing 7.0 kn at one point. Way to go Persuasion!

The colours of the water were beautiful today. We saw green, turquoise, and periwinkle blue and then the colour of ink blue we saw out on the ocean.

It reminded me of a statement that Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield made when he was on board the International Space Station. He proclaimed that the view of the Bahamas was among his most favourite. On New Year’s Day in 2013, he tweeted “the beauty of The Bahamas is surreal; every blue that exists.

We certainly could see that today. Beautiful blues and so clear and clean. This is a photo of Sandy Cay.

We passed by a couple more islands today on our way to West End. Wood Cay and Indian Cay.

We could finally see West End on Grand Bahama Island. There is a marina and resort but we anchored out front.  At $3.00/ft plus water and electric it would over $150.00.  No thanks!!  The first photo is the resort.

A very beautiful house too on the end of the island.

Poor Modaki. Their engine started acting up as we were coming into West End, so they came in under sail. We waited to make sure he got anchored and then we set our anchor at 17:30. Joe radioed us after supper and said he cleaned up the fuel line and it’s working ok. That is good news. There was quite a cloud hanging over us in the early evening but no rain.

We heard Trinity I on the radio yesterday. He is the guy whose boat almost got hit by the runaway boat in Treasure Cay. Mike helped out on that rescue. 😉 His name is Dan and his wife is Lucy. Mike saw them again in Green Turtle Cay last week. They are from Ottawa and they will be crossing with us in the morning. Always good to cross with a flotilla. The more the merrier!

The sun was behind the clouds later today so this photo is of our last sunset here in the Bahamas. At least for this year’s adventure.

Mike posted 2 blogs tonight as we did get service. Hope to get today’s uploaded in the morning before we leave. We won’t be able to clear customs until Thursday morning and hope to get a US data plan that day.

Today we travelled 62.7 nm.

3 thoughts on “April 7 – Great Sale Cay to West End, Grand Bahama Island

  1. Missed the other post about Idol – you should have asked – know all aboot it! 😉

    Glad you guys are safely making your way home! x


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