April 4 – Homeward Bound!

This post will be written in 2 parts as we ready Persuasion for the trip across the Gulf Stream. Leaving of course, will be bittersweet. Such beautiful islands, soft sand, some like talcum powder, some very soft, tiny shells mixed in with the sand. And different colours on different beaches. Some like a pale pink, some a tan colour and some very white. But, oh it will be good to get home and sleep in a bed that you can walk around, visit family and friends and neighbours, call your family whenever you want and use the internet with a good and cheap connection. But for now we will enjoy our last few days and get on with this post.

Saturday, April 4th Part I Manjack Cay to Green Turtle Cay

We saw the sunrise this morning, albeit behind the trees on the island. Not right on the ocean but still beautiful colours.

Boats in the anchorage were no doubt witnessing the same glorious start to the day.

We pulled up anchor at 07:50 and we, as well as Modaki, headed back to Green Turtle Cay for fuel and water. While underway, Mike noticed a layer of smoke over the water. A couple of nights ago, we could see quite the forest fire late at night on one of the islands. And we could still see smoke billowing up.

We set the anchor and Mike dingied in with our jugs to buy fuel and water. Yvonne had laundry to do and also needed to use the wifi. They were ready to go before us. Mike was posting blogs for the 2nd and 3rd. I had wanted to so some FaceTimes and a couple of calls but the iPad wouldn’t connect. Drats!

We travelled 4.6 nm. in Part I from Manjack Cay to Green Turtle Cay. Now we will continue on with the day in Part 2.

Saturday April 4th Part II Green Turtle Cay to Manjack Cay

For the sake of our log keeping and miles travelled, the Captain will make this part of our trip, Leg 8. We checked into the Bahamas at the Bluff House on Green Turtle Cay, so he figured it would be fitting to start the final leg from here as we wind our way over to get ready to cross over to Florida.

So, after finishing up our blogs and lunch, we pulled up anchor in White Sound for the final time this year and said goodbye to Green Turtle Cay.

We hailed Modaki who was almost ready to anchor at Manjack Cay just north of where we were last night. We set the anchor at 14:00

We were anxious to take a dinghy ride and look for some rays and maybe sharks around the other side of the island. We spotted something high in the tree on our way there. It looked like a pelican. Yep, it was, we haven’t seen much of those since we left Florida.

This iron rock on the island had a huge swath of white rock in it which we thought looked pretty neat.

We dingied into the beach and could see that there were boats loaded with people who were snorkelling looking for rays and sharks. We noticed this little cottage for sale. No wonder if there are sharks here. lol

And yes, there are sharks. Not great photos, the water was quite rippled but they looked like a reef shark to us.

And here is some photos of the rays we saw.

We met a couple, Charlie and Chris, who live in Victoria Harbour in the summer at their cottage and live on their O’ Day 37 down here in the winter. They have been coming here for 9 years. They met Yvonne and Joe last week when they were both in slips at Mangoes marina in Marsh Harbour. Charlie recognized the name Modaki on their boat. He said he knew the first owner and Modaki stands for Mom, Dad and kids. Pretty neat, eh?

The beach here is lovely, clear and clean but has spots with a lot of turtle grass.

We dinghied over to a beach closer to the boat and as we were motoring we saw a huge ray. They sure go fast.   And the pelican still seemed to be sleeping and was joined by a cormorant.

At the beach Mike found some small sea biscuits and I found a sand dollar. This beach had some huge trees washed ashore.

The sand here was like powder.

When we got back to the boat, we noticed Groovin’ in the anchorage. We stopped by to say hi and they asked us and Modaki to come for a visit before supper. Nice to see then one more time as we will be heading off tomorrow and they will be staying in the Bahamas for another week.

After supper, we looked at some of the days photos and read for awhile.

And of course had a lovely sunset.

We travelled 6 nm. in Part II from Green Turtle Cay to Manjack Cay.

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