April 3 – Anchored at Manjack Cay

Christians all over the world today are celebrating Good Friday.  “They brought Jesus to the place called Golgotha…And they crucified Him”   Mark 15:22,24

Interesting thing about Manjack Cay. Depending on who you are talking to or what guide book you are reading from, it is called Manjack, Munjack and even Nunjack.   So for the sake of the signs at the beach yesterday, we will use their spelling, Manjack.

The combination of a nice breeze last night and due to the fact we are not close to mangroves means we are not bothered by noseeums. This is a large anchorage and it was a nice calm night and the promise of a new day.

After breakfast, Yvonne and Joe dingied over for coffee. We talked of the weather window and when it may be possible to cross the stream. Joe will need to get fuel and we could top up too so we will go back into Green Turtle Cay for fuel tomorrow morning and then island hop down along the way to Great Sale Cay.

But as for today, we are off in the dinghies to an estuary here and out to the ocean, Unfortunately, the tide was going out and it was too shallow to get up into the estuary so we followed the inlet to the ocean and beached the dinghies. Look at Grampie searching for shells, grand kiddies. Lots of the iron rock on the beach but still lots of sand. It was neat how this vine was growing along through the sand and washed up turtle grass.

This is one of my favourite pictures. Standing on the bank along the pint tree line and looking out beyond the island to the ocean.

So many rocks. Not like Hopewell Rocks but very nice. We kinda thought this one looked like a flower pot, certainly not like the flower pots one back in NB though.

We combed the beach a bit. We saw lots of holes like this where a hermit crab was hiding.

We headed back to the dinghy to head across to another island. A very nice man from Michigan told us that if we went on that beach and around the rock facing the ocean, that we would find sea glass.

The sand where we left the dinghy was very soft too. We started out to get to the other side but the tide had gone out too far, so the sea glass will have to wait until next year and get more polished in the waves. We even had to row a bit.

We did see lots of star fish, very large ones. The ripples in the water make it hard to see but thought the grand kids would enjoy the shape and bright colour. And this ingenious couple tried a sail on the way back. And it worked!

Once we got into deeper water, we dingied the beach on Crab Cay. There was evidence of pigs rooting around though. And an old piggy bank that had either washed up or someone put it here. Yvonne set it up in the rooted up sand. It was neat seeing how all the dead branches were lined along the shoreline. Every beach is different and all lovely. Luckily, we saw no pigs.

But we did save a starfish. We saw him laying on the beach in the sun. As Yvonne picked him up, he still had some life left so rather than leave him in the sun to die, we laid him in the water. He seemed grateful, as we saw him moving. 🙂

On our way back to Persuasion, we stopped at a trawler who was flying a Canadian flag. We saw that it was from Grand Bay, NB. The fellow came out and started talking. Long story short, it was Mike and Karen Lee, Jim Lee’s brother!   (We had travelled with Jim and Cheryl from NS down the ICW to Florida).They haul their boat out in Green Turtle now after they had done the Great Loop. We knew they were over here and wondered if we would ever meet up with them. Jim and Cheryl are still down in the Exumas, having spent a couple months in Florida before crossing over to the Bahamas. Mike and Karen’s boat named Irish Wake is a lovely looking 32 ft. trawler. Once again, we are reminded of what a small world it is.

Here are some of our treasures we found today. Sea lace, a snake skin snail shell and a baby snail shell. All were so clean, especially the conchs. They are so white from the sun.

Yesterday, we Yvonne and I bought local grouper at a store in New Plymouth. She made a nice paste for it and Joe barbequed it on Persuasion. It turned out great and was good. (I should have snapped a photo of it)   She brought potato salad and I did a stir fry with zucchini and onions and we had cooked beets. Striving to get our veggies in Sarah. 🙂 We had coffee, tea and even dessert tonight. It was sliced bananas in with canned pineapple topped with a dollop of sour cream mixed with a bit of cream cheese with coconut stirred in. It may not sound too appetizing but hey, when you don’t have ice cream or whip cream, you use what you have.   It was quite yummy.

After supper, we worked on the blog. We finished yesterday’s and today’s nd want to upload it when we get into the marina with their wifi. Also hope to call my dad from there and do some FaceTimes with the kids. It was neat seeing the full moon as the sun was going down and hearing the cruisers blowing their conchs.   We will leave you with this these photos of a gorgeous sunset.

We will miss these sunsets.

2 thoughts on “April 3 – Anchored at Manjack Cay

  1. Happy Easter to both of you! Again, thank you for sharing your adventures. I especially love the sunsets as we patiently wait for our snow to melt!! Take care, xo


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