April 2 – Green Turtle Cay to Manjack Cay

What a beautiful calm morning. We could even see the reflection of the clouds in the water.

We took some shots of the anchorage here in White Sound. The first one shows the Bluff House Resort and Marina which is where we had a slip when we checked in with customs in the Bahamas. The next one is of the Green Turtle Club Resort and Marina. It is very tranquil in here today. Not much like the day we arrived with the wind blowing up to 30 kn and we took a slip at the Bluff House.

Since the waters were so calm, Joe and Yvonne came with us in our dinghy and we went over to New Plymouth. We saw a bull shark on the way over! This little village is so pretty.

We bought a few post cards and mailed them off. Then did a little walking tour again of the streets in New Plymouth. Remember the pigs we saw on a beach yesterday? Well, we saw a sign today at the Post Office for a fund raiser for them. And those pretty pastel houses that we posted on March 31st, the day we crossed over the Whale, well here is the back of them.

The streets here are more like sidewalks and this rooster sure thought he owned the road. We could see evidence of his or some other birds marks from years ago embedded in the cement. This old house has a nice picket fence around with lovely shrubbery and flowers. And we saw a monarch butterfly too.

We came upon this fish cleaning station with an old hand pump from years gone by. There was a supply ship at the dock and folks were signing in to pick up their wares. Lots of pallets of sod were being unloaded.

It was an enjoyable walk and always lots of golf carts here. And of course no car seats like back home.   We saw the oldest house in New Plymouth too. Built in 1840, It was hard to get a good shot of it as the streets are so narrow here.

Now this is a beach filled with conch shells! This bar was right beside it. The sign above the door made us think, that the Irene was maybe for hurricane Irene. Such beautiful views here.

On our way back to the dinghy, I went into Vert’s Model Ship Shoppe. Everything you could possibly need to work on model ships in here, that’s for sure.

As we were leaving the dock, we saw a fishing boat docked with his stabilizers still out.

We got back to Persuasion and weighed anchor at 10:50. We saw another resort on the Sea of Abaco (which is for sale) and could also see the seaplane that we had walked by on the 31st.

We set the anchor in Manjack Cay at 12:00. After lunch, we dingied in to hike over to the ocean beach. What a neat beach this is. There were 2 little boys playing there who wanted their pictures taken with some creatures. One guy had a starfish (which was still living and he returned it to the water) and his brother had half of a sea biscuit. The sign tells us there are chickens roaming around too.

So then we followed the signs for the ocean beach. Lots of neat signs painted on stalks of palm fronds, wooden paddles and driftwood.

Lots of different trees too. A stag horn fern, banyon?, and poison wood too. And a neat carving for Herrington Highway.

We are almost there. We hiked for a good 25 minutes. This little guy let me get pretty close to him, didn’t he boys? And up over the hill and there’s the ocean.

And Becca, here is Dad waving as he points the way across the ocean to jolly olde England to see you. 🙂

Again today, the ocean beach was just spectacular. Easton, you would love it here. Look at how far we sink into the sand. Tayton, you would sure love looking at all the shells here too. We found a few and also saw this sneaker. It has been floating in and out with the tide because of all the barnacles on it.   Here is a tiny sea grape guys.

After our beachcombing, we hiked back. I missed this cactus on the way in. There are some hen pens and everything is so neat and tidy.

We met up with Warren from the boat Sunset Dream’n who was coming back from the beach in front of us.   We had first met him in Lunenburg, NS. The lady that was with them had the hens eating right out of her hand. There is a place to clean your coconuts there and they look for it. They are very tame. But just look at the legs on this rooster. If you look close enough, you can see his talons. So many perky birds, eh Becca?

Yes, Manjack Cay is a real treasure.

It was close to supper time when we finished our adventure. After supper, we went for a little dinghy ride and finished up a blog and I started a new book. We were tired and our legs were sore. That deep sand seemed to be hard on the calves of our legs, but oh, so worth it.

Today we travelled 4.8 nm.

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      We can’t respond to all your comments but love getting them all. We are so happy you are sharing the posts with our grand-kiddies.




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