April 1 – Green Turtle Cay to No Name Cay to Green Turtle Cay

Today marks 10 months since we left our home port at Stormont Yacht Club and started this journey. We’ve put a lot of water under the keel that’s for sure. And have been very thankful for safe journeys.

We had read in our guide book that there is a beach between No Name Cay and the south east corner of Green Turtle called Gillam Bay. There is supposed to be lots of sand dollars there. They said the largest ones in all the islands. So we decided with Modaki that we would take our boats over there and anchor out for the day. Then take the dinghies in and cruise the beach.   We pulled anchor at 08:50. It was only an hour over but we had the jib out anyway. What a beautiful day.

We set our anchors in front of No Name Cay at 09:50. Within 15 minutes we were in the dinghies with our snorkel gear and ready to search for sand dollars! We got a shot of the beach on our way in. The tide was going out. Just look at the colours.   Modaki has a dinghy anchor so we tied off ours on his.

This beach was amazing. It was neat seeing how there was a sand bank up at the tree line.

Just look at how beautiful it is here. It stretches on for miles with some houses right on the beach and a million dollar view.

We all did some beachcombing and wading in the water looking for sand dollars.   We were just looking for the ones that are white. (they are no longer living when white). Mike found two, one was really large but the container I had them in was too flimsy and I squeezed it by mistake and broke them. 😦 He did find me two more. He also saw a large barracuda. Joe found a couple of small sea urchins and gave them to me as they had lots.

Yvonne and I did some snorkelling to take some closer looks. She did find a couple.

However, we didn’t find the sand dollars that were promised in the book. But it certainly was fun and the water was very warm.

We saw these two guys out fishing. Looks like fun.

We then dingied over to No Name Cay across the bay. The difference in the two beaches is like night and day. Three cormorants on a branch greeted us as we came in.

We thought we could walk across to the Atlantic Ocean from this side but there was so much of the iron rock which you can see in the photo above.. There was some sandy parts too on this beach. I found some coral that was washed up here. Looking across from here, you can see the pretty houses on Gillam Bay, with there protective sea wall. And it looks like a fourth cormorant joined the others. 😉

We dingied down further on No Name Cay and came to a sandier beach. We got out to explore and a baby pig came out of the bushes! Then another one. We were even more surprised when the mother came charging out. And more pigs kept coming. We sure were not expecting this. And we had no food with us. We walked rather quickly to the dinghy. I thought one was going out to Yvonne’s dinghy but she didn’t, She was laying down in the sand when we left.

Well that was exciting. Our beachcombing on that beach was cut short but it was lunch time anyway. We ate lunch on our boats and then headed back to Green Turtle Cay to anchor in White Sound. We saw a guy trying to wind surf.

Later in the afternoon, we went in to get gas for the dinghy and checked out the boutique. Beautiful things in there but a bit pricey. We had pot luck appies on Modaki and then came home and worked on blogging. There was a band playing on the patio at the Green Turtle Club and we listened to the music from the boat. It was pretty good.

It was a great day. Here ‘s a photo of some of our beach treasures. Yvonne had a few sea biscuits so she gave me a couple.

Today we travelled 7.4 nm

NOTE: Phew, we have finally caught up on our blogging! If you haven’t checked the website in awhile, we were behind because of family visits. We have been on a mission catching up. We started March 6 and uploaded the days for February 25 and 26 and didn’t get a chance to get back to uploading more until March 16th. So if you missed some of those weeks, they are now posted.. Thank you followers for being patient and enjoying this journey with us.

One thought on “April 1 – Green Turtle Cay to No Name Cay to Green Turtle Cay

  1. Just read this post with boys. Tayton is so anxious to get back to his private beaches, hahah. Easton says he wants to go back to look for sea shells, he was excited to see the pciture of your treasures!


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