March 31 – Treasure Cay to Green Turtle Cay

The wind that was making it bad for snorkelling yesterday had died right down in the night. So beautiful and calm this morning. This young paddle boarder was up early enjoying the still waters.

We got up early to upload a blog and then dingied in for showers. The water was like glass. If it stays like this, you should have a great day to snorkel, Chris and Liz.

We weighed anchor at 09:00. And hailed Groovin’ to say goodbye, at least for this year. They are staying at Tresure Island for a few days before heading north. We may meet up with them somewhere between here and Florida though.

We also hailed Modaki who was leaving Fishers Bay this morning to cross the “Whale”. Everyone wants to cross Whale Cay Passage in calm waters. It is a passage between Northern Abaco and Central Abaco. You have to leave the Sea of Abaco and enter the Atlantic Ocean   It takes about an hour or so to cross over and you always listen to the VHF to get an updated report on what the waves are like.

The Whale was not too bad at all. Mike saw some waves coming, all lined up and when they hit us broadside it was rough for a minute or two. But other than that, it was a great crossing.

You can see the waves coming in from the Atlantic crashing onto to rocks.

We passed by No Name Cay and the entrance to Gillum Bay and it wasn’t long before we could see the beaches of New Plymouth.

Such pretty houses here. New Plymouth is a neat and tidy village on Green Turtle Cay. It was our first village that we visited in the Bahamas.

We enter the channel to the anchorage in White Sound. We are not coming in at low tide, thank goodness. We motored slowly for awhile so we could wait for the tide and not run aground in this channel. you can look down and see where boats have drug through the sand coming in here.

And look who we see on a mooring ball. So we will get to visit with Ron and Lynne from Northern Spirit again. That’s great!

We set the hook at 13:15. We had eaten lunch on the way so were ready to do some sightseeing and beachcombing with Modaki.

Here is Persuasion sitting pretty at anchor.

We left our dinghies at the Green Turtle dinghy dock and walked into the club. Just look at the bar and all the names on the dollar bills here. We saw Modaki ‘s name. They had put it here when they first landed in the Bahamas. We didn’t know about this as we were over at the Bluff House marina on the other side of the anchorage. We must go back when we have money on us and leave our name.

We then walked over to the Atlantic Ocean. Same as in Marsh Harbour, there was a stone cut through that had been cut out many years ago by slaves.

What a beautiful beach so unspoiled and soft sand. We found a few shells and some coral. Mike found me some sea lace.

This house on the beach has certainly found lots of buoys washed up on shore. We kept walking and took some photos of these unusual bushes growing on the beach. The branches look like they are dying and only top has green/yellow rubbery ends.

There was part of a huge tree that had washed ashore and I loved watching the sandpipers around it, running down to the waters edge and back up as the waves came in. As we got closer though, they flew away.

We thought we might take these stairs and go through to the beach on the other side but soon found it to be someone’s property. Isn’t it a beautiful tranquil looking place. had to snap some photos of the landscaping. And they had so much pretty sea glass around a tree.

We walked back down the steps to the beach and back a ways and then walked where the sign was for Coco Bay.

Coco Bay is on the Sea of Abaco and is a nice beach too. Imagine our surprise as we are walking along and look into a clearing on the land and see this!

Lots of lovely houses that have a beautiful view of the bay too. All we could see on the first house was the roof with the widow’s walk but imagine sitting up there and getting a bird’s eye view of the bay.

This place had lots of buoys around the basement wall. The place looked so inviting with all the painted lawn chairs around.

Then we came to a fork in the road and wondered which way do we take to get back to the marina? We did take the right way because before long we saw the sign for Green Turtle Club and Marina . Their walkways have turtle designs in the concrete.

This mother hen went by us with her new little chicks. She had 4 or 5 with her but she was rushing them away. So I only captured 2 of the little chicks. We heard a rooster crowing this morning too. More perky birds for you, Becca.

The resort here is lovely with lots of rentals and a pool. There is a nice restaurant, a gift shop, small grocery store and bonus…you can walk to the ocean beach or Coco Bay beach which would be warmer water. The gardens here are quite lovely.

This is the garden patio off the restaurant. And what do you think of this turtle sculpture grand kiddies?

It was almost five o’clock when we finished our beachcombing adventure. We had some appies with Yvonne and Joe on Persuasion and in the evening listened to the music of a live band playing over at the Bluff House Marina while we were blogging.

After supper, we dingied over to chat with Ron and Lynne. It was good to meet up with them again, even if for a short time. They are leaving in the morning for Great Sale Cay and will probably cross over to Florida on Thursday.

It was a great day in the Bahamas.

Today we travelled 18 nm.

Note:  Some of you may have notice that the thumbnail pictures looked a bit out of focus in the last few post, but when enlarged were OK.  I took a short cut in the editing process and may have screwed up a bit of the code.  I will go back and correct the previous post.
The Captain

2 thoughts on “March 31 – Treasure Cay to Green Turtle Cay

  1. Never tire of these stunning views (I’m sure you feel the same!) Must get over there to see all these perky birds for myself 😉

    Love you guys xx


  2. Bec, when you are home this summer we should sit down with Scot and Jody and pick some dates for cottage rentals…Sar maybe the Bahamas would be a better honeymoon destination for you 😉


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