March 30 – Marsh Harbour to Treasure Cay

Well today is the day we leave Marsh Harbour and start making our way over to cross Whale Cay passage with the first stop at Treasure Cay. The sun was shining down through the clouds on the anchorage as we prepared to leave.

We listen to the cruisers net on the VHF every morning which gives weather and passage updates and lets cruisers know what is happening in and around the islands in Great Abaco. Yesterday morning someone called in saying that a white sailboat had dragged and was hitting up against a barge. There was a strong wind by times yesterday that’s for sure.ย ย  No one was onboard. They will come back to quite a sad mess.

We saw boats in here this morning that are from far away. We only caught the back of this boat as he was leaving but he was from New Zealand. And the next one was anchored beside us and they are from Japan. Just look at all his fuel jugs! And we thought we had travelled far. ๐Ÿ™‚

And some other neat looking boats. And here is a cat for you, Anna. You could just add your name on to the Fat Cat. She is just a little bigger than your Fat Cat Anna was. ๐Ÿ™‚

We weighed anchor at 08:45. We took one last shot of the house we had used as a landmark so many times when anchored here.

We hailed Modaki who was leaving the dock and heading for Fishers Bay. We also hailed Groovin’ who will be coming to Treasure Cay after lunch today.

Along the way, we saw this barge being pulled by a small boat.

We met a couple of boats in the narrow channel entering Treasure Cay.

We stopped at the fuel dock for fuel and filled the fuel jugs too. We also topped up all our water tanks and jugs.

We noticed when we arrived that Paperbird and Northern Spirit had gone. Perhaps we will see them on the other side of the Whale Cay Passage. I hope so.

We set the hook at 12:00 just as this little boat was coming in. That is a neat looking boat isn’t it kiddies?

We had lunch and shortly after Groovin’ arrived. They mentioned a dinghy tour and maybe snorkelling out on a barge wreck. We both took our dinghy’s in to pay to use the wifi and services here just in case we weren’t back by time they closed at 17:00.

And off we go. And now we finally see all of that yellow house we always see the front of as we come into Treasure Cay. Beautiful setting isn’t it?

And then the fun began looking for turtles and creatures.ย ย  This is quite the estuary here. It is not that deep but sometimes there is a deep hole and then there are banks of sand that gradually go up to shallow spots. You could see the turtles swimming up along to the shallow water.

The water is very clear and clean.

It was something to see them. Tayton and Easton, you sure would have loved seeing all these turtles. They can swim really fast boys.

We saw a large black ray too.

Chris and Liz saw a large barracuda but he was gone by time we were in that spot.

When we finished looking in the estuary, we dingied over to the where the barge wreck lays. It was overcast and quite windy so not a good day for snorkelling. But Chris thought he might catch a lobster here. So he went down. Said the water was a bit chilly. We all waited in the dinghies for him to surface with the lobster. ๐Ÿ™‚ He said he saw one but it was too quick. The water was so rough today and the sun was not out, so you can’t really see the shape of the barge in these photos. Chris is right on top of it in the third photo.


Thank you Chris and Liz for an enjoyable afternoon. By time we dingied home, it was suppertime. We tried to FaceTime with the kids but didn’t have a great connection. We did an audio with Scot. We got to see Margie for a minute before we lost the connection. Same with Amber. It kept freezing. You were at school, Sarah and Becca, it was much too late in the UK to talk to you. But you two will be your Dad’s favourites next time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We finished up another blog in the evening. Hey, we are almost caught up. ๐Ÿ™‚

Today we travelled 15.5nm.

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