March 27 – 29 Treasure Cay to Marsh Harbour

We weighed anchor this morning at 07:15 and the windlass worked. Fingers crossed that it will keep on working. The sky was pretty this morning as we were pulling anchor.

We headed out through the channel and the winds were 15-20 SSE. We had the jib half out and we were doing 7.3 kn. Seemed like we were really flying for awhile.

We had radioed Modaki who had arrived in Marsh Harbour yesterday. They told us that the anchorage was full of boats and they were anchored in shallow water and are hoping to get a slip at Mangoes marina tonight. We could see upon our arrival that there were lots of boats. We set the anchor though, close to where we were just a few days before. It was 09:45.

We got the laundry ready to go to the Laundromat and on our way over to the dock, we stopped by Modaki. They had just returned from getting their sim card updated and the grocery store. They heard from Mangoes and got a slip, so will move over there today.

We continued on and saw Liz from Groovin’ heading over to the dock too. She was on her way to the grocery store. We chatted with her as we walked to the Laundromat. We got the machines started. What a time that was. They don’t take the new Bahamian quarters and the lady that runs the place is on vacation. We had to go next door to get some quarters at the Price Right grocery store. It also takes 10 quarters, 5 slots with 2 each. Who knew? If you use the Bahamian quarters they will jam. Mike was lucky with some lite tapping he was able to unjam ours. There was a local lady there who wasn’t so lucky and she looked as though she was about to cry. Mike went to help and no amount of beating on the machine would release her money. Mike took a pin apart and was able to line up the quarters so they would release. She was very grateful. I stayed at the laundromat while Mike walked over to the BTC to get the sim card figured out.

By time he returned (with the sim card all reset in the iPad), the clothes were ready for the dryer. It is 75 cents for the first 2 minutes and then 25 more cents for each additional 2 minutes. And if you don’t insert your quarter before the time is up, you have to insert 75 cents again to start it. Needless to say, the clothes were not all dried. Grrr! We brought the laundry home. We stopped to say hi to Chris on Groovin’. He was out polishing the stainless on the boat. Told him we would let Liz know that he was not slacking while she was grocery shopping. lol

We just dropped the laundry bags and headed right back out to get the groceries. We had thought if we weren’t too long getting everything done, that we might head back to Treasure Cay but decided that we would stay put here.

We came back and hung the clothes out. Mike had lines strung all over. It was so windy though, that they dried beautifully in the cockpit.

Yvonne had invited us for supper so I took a caesar salad. She had potato salad and Joe barbequed chicken. We ate on the patio at Mangoes.

We watched Joe and some to the other guys at the marina go out to the end of the dock at sunset and blow their conchs.

We dingied back in the dark around 20:30 and at about 22:00, the wind came up and for a few minutes was gusting up to 40 kn. It settled down some after that, thank goodness.

Today we travelled 15.5 nm.

Saturday, the 28th was really windy. We were going to go for a walk after lunch with Yvonne and Joe up to see the castle on the hill that was owned by the Out Island Doctor. Actually it is still in the family. His daughter who is 65 still lives there.   We thought with the wind blowing so hard, we should stay put on the boat and keep an eye on the anchor. We invited them to come over for supper so in the afternoon, we took a break from blogging to do a little cleaning.

They radioed us when they got back from their walk (which ended up being a bit further than they thought), and because the wind hadn’t died down too much, they decided to stay on the dock. They would get quite wet coming over so opted to stay there so Yvonne could get caught up on her blogging too.

The next day was not quite as windy. But cool this morning.   We dingied in to meet Yvonne as she was going to go to the grocery store with us. Sure is alot hotter walking in town than it is on the water. I took my camera because I always see this bush on the way to the store and don’t have it with me. It is a bottle brush tree. And the red wispy flowers are so soft. The greenery of the tree is almost like that of a cedar tree.

We snapped a couple more photos along the way too.

This is our last trip to Maxwell’s grocery store for sure. We have more than enough provisions to get to Green Turtle Cay and further while we wait for the window to cross into Florida.

Joe and Yvonne came tonight for supper and Mike barbequed hamburgers, Yvonne brought potato salad and I made a tossed salad. We had coffee, tea and cookies and a nice evening. They came prepared for the waves. It was getting dark as they left.

One thought on “March 27 – 29 Treasure Cay to Marsh Harbour

  1. We have two little boys who are missing Nannie and Grampie sooooo much!!! I loved seeing Cutie’s face light up seeing you guys on FaceTime! I don’t think she will want to leave grampies arms when you get back! xo


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