March 24 – 26 Marsh Harbour to Treasure Cay

Man did it pour through the night.  We haven’t had rain like that for sometime. That will sure wash the salt off the boat. The dinghy had quite a bit of water in it.

We uploaded another blog this morning so we are slowly getting caught up.  We weighed anchor at 10:25 and headed out of the anchorage and passed by this cargo ship.

I took advantage of the engine running to run the vacuum.  We arrived at the inlet for Treasure Cay and kept an eye on the depth.

Here is that lovely yellow house that has such a great view.

We made it through the channel and dropped the anchor in 7 feet of water at 13:30.  We think we may have the engine overheating problem solved. Today was to be the test and it gave us no issues, so hopefully all the clean ups took care of it.

However the windlass continues to be a problem. I let out the anchor slowly and after it was set, Mike took a look at the connections again.  It does not seem to be the solenoid as he first thought.  The problem seems to be inside the motor. He cleaned up the motor connections and it appears to be working better.

Modaki touched base with us and they were going over to anchor at Lubbers near Hopetown and maybe take a mooring ball tomorrow. It is giving high winds for Thursday.

Greg and Lyn from Paperbird are here.  They dingied over with guests they have onboard and they were on their way to a BBQ hosted by the restaurant that is on the beach.  Our supper was cooking and almost ready or we may have gone over too. It was nice to see Greg and Lyn.  We have bypassed each other so many times. They are usually going into the port that we are leaving or vice versa.  We had a nice visit with them in Green Turtle Cay and hope to get together again.

It was nice and calm here tonight.

Today we travelled 15.6 nm.

The next day, the 25th was another work day.  Mike reinstalled the engine thermostat and cleaned up the ground wires for the SSB radio.

It started raining a bit before lunch and then poured rain in the afternoon. I had a chance to work on some more blogs.  We saw boat after boat motoring into this anchorage.  At least 5 of the boats that came in were from Canada.  We heard some chatter on the radio of how bad the visibility was from the rain.  It was just teaming down!

Later in the afternoon the sun came out and we thought we’d take a dinghy ride. But before we could do that, Mike had to pump the water out again.

We chatted with Greg and Lyn who were also in their dinghy. We are hoping to get together with them one day this week.  Here is a shot of Paperbird, the one with the green dodger.

Northern Spirit was one of the boats that came in during the storm. We dinged over to talk to them.  Lynne said that one of the boats that was in front of them saw wind gusts of 52 kn. They wondered if maybe it was a microburst as they saw winds registered at over 40 kn.  The combination of the wind and rain made it for a bad day that’s for sure.

We saw a boat from Rhode Island that was flying a NB flag.  We talked to them and they are from Longreach NB.  They said they knew of your dad, Steve. (Again, we’re reminded of how small the world is).  They bought their boat in Rhode Island last fall and he and some buddies from Halifax sailed it to Florida.  They left it at Osprey marina until they were ready to sail it down here this year.  They loved that marina.  We were there and it is a well kept lovely place. The name on their boat right now is Ariel but they are changing it to Longreach.  That is a great name for a boat. They have decided to leave their boat here in the Abacos at Green Turtle marina.  She said that next year, she will bring a suitcase filled with crackers and cookies. lol Everyone sure notices the high prices of things here. We enjoyed chatting with these fellow New Brunswickers.

On Thursday, the 26th, we dingied over to the marina and paid the $10.00 so we could get wifi and use the services.  It was a bit of a dull morning.  We showered and then went back to Persuasion to upload some blogs.

That afternoon, we had some excitement in the anchorage. I saw Ron from Northern Spirit go flying by on his dinghy.  A boat from QC was dragging and no one was onboard.  Greg and Lyn were coming back from getting water and they went to talk to a guy whose boat luckily got missed by the one dragging.  Mike went over in our dinghy and 2 others dinghies showed up too.   Ron went and got a bucket with a plexiglas bottom. (we have to make one of those) They used it to see where the anchor was.  Mike lifted it and it was a Rocna but had the chain was wrapped around it.. Greg went and got his diving gear in case he needed it.   Another fellow came over and tied his dinghy to the runaway boat, Stargazer VII and got onboard it.   They all worked quite awhile but finally got the anchor reset. Here are some photos of some of the excitement.  The boat with the man and woman standing is from Ottawa and their boat was the one that was close to the runaway boat.  And some shots of the guys looking through the buckets for the anchor.

The couple from Ottawa got on the radio and thanked everyone for assisting and getting it anchored again safely.  The couple who owned the boat finally came back and I imagine were grateful no harm was done.  Here’s some more of the rescue. 🙂

We saw this little boat in front of us from NB and also recognized the initials RKYC as being from the Royal Kennebecasis Yacht Club in Saint John. Fuzzy Duck, what a neat name for a little boat.

When we were out for a dinghy ride today, Mike noticed the formation of this cloud.  We thought it was pretty neat.

Then we also saw this boat from Moncton, NB.  We stopped and talked to the lady and she said she bought the boat in Moncton but runs charters on Dream Katcher out of here all around the Abacos. Her husband is from QC and she is from France.

We got on the internet to upload some photos and then tried to do some FaceTimes.  We couldn’t connect and the marina wifi said they were having fibre optic troubles.  And our data plan was working. What? We knew it ran out on the 26th but we had gone in on the 23rd to renew it.  We dingied over to Paperbird to ask if he had the weather update for tomorrow.  Because, now we will have to go back to the BTC in Marsh Harbour with our receipt for the sim card and get the problem solved.  Drats!  So we thought we would use our data to get in touch with the kids.  We went up to the restaurant here as it was pizza night and ordered one to go.   It will be the last pizza we buy from Treasure Cay Marina. 40 bucks, ouch!!

We met the guys that are on Fuzzy Duck up at the dock.  He is from Ottawa but was living in Montreal and decided to take time off from his post graduate studies and bought this boat off Craigslist and went down to Saint John and then sailed it here.  He and another fellow and a girl are on the boat.  They are taking it further south too.

After supper, we finished up a couple of blogs and hope to get them posted tomorrow after we get our sim card working.

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