March 19 – 23 Maintenance in Marsh Harbour

It ‘s good to be back in the Abacos again. The next few days will be spent do maintenace on Persuasion and catching up on the blog. But first things first. A second cup of coffee while we capture the sunrise this morning.

When we were cleaning out the locker to get access to the engine, we saw this fishing boat go by.

Mike took the heat exchanger apart and cleaned it all up and then took the mixing elbow off and cleaned it. When we were in Lynyard Cay, he checked the thru hull and found some barnacles. We had hoped that would solve the overheating but it hadn’t.

Yvonne and Joe from Modaki dingied by this morning and while they were talking to us, another dinghy came by, Jan and Cam Albright on the sailboat Te Amor. (Yvonne and Joe had met them when they had sailed Modaki to NS in 2013). Jan lived in Digby Neck but spent her summers on Grand Manan Island for many years. Her mom was a Green. She and Cam now own a campground in Annapolis Royal so she doesn’t get back there as much as she’d like. That afternoon, we went with Yvonne and Joe to snorkel the Mermaid Reef. As well as the natural reef there was a manmade reef that the fish would swim in and out of. Lots of colourful fish that love corn niblets. Mike dove down and released some and they swam to eat it. He sure is loving snorkelling.

That evening we went over to Modaki for appies and snacks. The next day Mike greased the rudder quadrant, check the stuffing box and checked the refrigeration wiring. We needed propane so Mike dropped it off in the morning and they sent it out to be filled. After lunch, Joe and Yvonne came by as we were going on a hike. They stopped at a boat beside from NS. Turns out they had met them in NS last year and the woman is a niece of a lady at Joe and Yvonne’s yacht club back in Owen Sound. Pat and Tutti Phelan from Bedford, NS. They sail a 30 ft nonsuch named Keltic Kat. He asked where we were from. We said Ottawa but and of course always say that we grew up in NB and were from Havelock. We were shocked that he knew where it was and then he mentioned that he has flown into the flying field there. I said “oh you must have known Delbert Alward and know Lee Alward”. Of course he did.   I told him that they were my uncles. He said that Uncle Delbert had gone to some fly ins in NS years ago . They all belonged to the small aircraft association. (I may have that association wrong, not quite sure of the name) He also knew that Uncle Delbert had passed away. 😦   So Bert and Nelse and Uncle Lee, it is a small world, isn’t it? We dingied over and start out on the hike. The trail goes through to the beach on the south side of Marsh Harbour. The photo of this rock cut which extends from the south side to the north side of Marsh Harbour is rumoured to have been cut by slaves. Imagine what a job that would have been.

We hiked along the rocks by the water.  I thought this plant growing between the rocks looked a bit like porchulaca. And look at the body on this lobster. Imagine how big the tail must have been.

We were in search of a conch and some snake skin snail shells. We found lots of the snail shells and 3 conchs that need to be cleaned up.   The terrain was rocky as you can see and there was also some remnants of what could have been a ferry terminal here at one time.

We came out by the boat yard that we had seen from Persuasion on way to Marsh Harbour from Lynyard Cay. We headed up the hill and back to town.

We saw some more pretty bushes for you Charlene along the way.

Mike picked up the propane and at the Union Jack dock, Albury’s ferry, the Donnie IX had just come in from Hopetown. Alot of local people here are employed over there. Also looked like it may have students onboard too. The ferry sure was full.

That evening, we had Joe and Yvonne and Pat and Tutti over to Persuasion. Everyone brought some appies and their drinks. We had a great time and Pat mentioned that they are saying Halifax has had it’s worse winter in 12 years. If so, Monica, you will be glad to see summer! I don’t mean to rub it in but it was a warm evening here on the boat. 🙂

On the 22nd, Modaki left for Little Harbour. We continued to work on our lists of things for Persuasion. The fridge is working better now, but we are sure it needs refrigerant. We priced the kits out here and they were an outrageous price. Especially the hose we would need to put the refrigerant in with. We will check prices when we get to Florida. Mike also did a few tests on the windlass and at this point, he think it needs a new solenoid. That evening after supper, we hear a whoosh sound and came up to the cockpit to see dolphins going by the side of the boat. Grabbed the camera and of course by then they were going through the anchorage.

Had a nice sunset that night.

On the 23rd, we went up to get a few groceries and our BTC internet sim card runs out on the 26th. We wanted to renew it today as we plan to go to Treasure Cay tomorrow and may not get back here before heading across the Whale to Green Turtle. We noticed Ron and Lynne’ s boat, Northern Spirit at anchor here as we dingied over. We stopped but they were not around. Late that afternoon, they stopped by on their way back from the fish store. We had a great chat and they wanted to tell us that they had been in touch with you, Ron Ouwehand. We said that you had commented on the blog Ron, and had mentioned that you and Ron and Lynne were friends from 50 Point, Lake Ontario years ago. We think of you often Ron, and the long trek you made by yourself on Old Hand in your quest to get to Newfoundland. Hope you are well.

In the evening, this catamaran went in and round the anchorage with kids playing, drums, other instruments and singing. Some were in costumes. The name of the boat as you can see is Impossible Dream with the Im crossed out to make it possible. There were kids in wheel chairs and other disabilities on the boat.

We uploaded a couple blogs tonight so were up later than usual. It started raining at 22:30. We haven’t had rain in quite awhile.

4 thoughts on “March 19 – 23 Maintenance in Marsh Harbour

  1. Yes indeed, this winter in Halifax reminds me of our winters in Moncton and Barrie!! Halifax is supposed to get much more rain but we still have lots of snow and high snow banks. Oh well, it’s a good time to live in an apartment so we can watch someone else clear the snow! I am living the beautiful weather by looking at your great photos. Keep sharing please. Take care!


  2. Hi Mae: You were not wrong about the flying club in NS. Dad belonged to two clubs; the one in Havelock and the Stanley Flying Association in NS. So nice to read that little surprise in your blog. Really made me smile 🙂


  3. That is so neat…all the people you have met from NB on this day!!
    Your pictures of sunsets are so absolutely AMAZING!!! So Beautiful 🙂


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