March 16 – 18 Rose Island to Marsh Harbour

This post is of our trip crossing the Northwest Providence Channel to the Northeast Providence landing us back in the Abacos. Includes daily updates of our stops along the way. So here goes…..

March 16 Rose Island to Royal Island

What a beautiful sunrise here this morning. And the water was like glass last night and today. Much different than your last night here, Sarah and James.

We weighed anchor at 07:00. One boat left before us but there were still lots in the anchorage.

Once we were out around the island we actually watched the sun coming up. Aren’t the colours just magnificent? All created by God’s mighty hand.

It was a beautiful day for crossing the Northwest Providence Channel. Winds were light, out of the E. I defrosted the fridge and ran the vacuum while the engine was running. But was able to get a few photos of that periwinkle blue water.

We pulled into Royal Island and set the hook at 13:15. We could hear some splashes later on and finally was able to catch the head of this turtle. They sure don’t keep their heads out of the water very long.

It was a beautiful calm evening in here. We finally buckled down, looked at some photos and started to type up a blog.

Today we travelled 36.8nm.

March 17 Royal Island to Lynyard

We woke again this morning to find the sky painted glorious colours.

The crescent moon was out as we raised the mainsail and then weighed anchor at 06:45.

The Liberty Clipper schooner had come late in the evening last night and we could see that either crew was on watch or getting ready to leave. We think it is a sailing school as we have seen it here often. So we headed out of Royal Island for the last time or at least for this year’s trip to the Bahamas.

And once again when we were away from the trees on the island and out into the open water, the view of the colourful sky painting colours on the water is breathtaking. A sight that we have been so fortunate to see many, many times on this trip.

And seeing how the sun looks like it is sitting on the ocean as it is coming up is a sight we never tire of seeing.

Just look how calm the water is. So calm that we had to take mainsail down. And before long, we got into deeper water.

We went from the turquoise blue water at 42 ft to the ink blue water at 270 Ft. Aww, yes, the beautiful ink blue water of the Northeast Providence Channel. And yes, Amber, this is the channel that shows on our chart being over15, 0000 ft deep. (The Northwest Providence Channel that we travelled on yesterday was only over 5,000 ft deep). You can see behind us how the water colour changed.

The engine continued to overheat and we had the fan blowing on it which helped. (Had to use it some yesterday too). It was a beautiful warm day though, and I started a new book last night so enjoyed reading in the cockpit. We were out here all by ourselves except for a few tankers as we rolled along on the ink blue water.

We could see the difference in the water again as we got closer to Lynyard Cay.

We enjoyed watching a plane that kept circling as we passed by Little Harbour.

We arrived at Lynyard Cay and set the hook at 16:00. After supper and a little reading, we turned in early. Although grateful for calm waters for the crossing, it had been a long day.

Today we travelled 58.0 nm.

March 18 Lynyard Cay to Marsh Harbour

Thought of my mom first thing when awaking as it would have been her birthday. 😦 We were up early this morning and uploaded a blog. Then weighed anchor. The anchor winch is still not working. Ugg! We left the anchorage at 09:15. A butterfly fluttered into the cockpit and landed on the radar a few times taking a rest.

It’s a beautiful warm day and today, we followed the eastern shore of Great Abaco Island. the inside route over to Marsh Harbour. What a neat looking place. Looks like it used to be a lighthouse and may now be a cottage. Even has a little gazebo at the end of the island.

We saw some different sights along the way. Looked like a sand pit here. See all the machines here kids. And a boat yard too.

Here is Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbour Resort and Marina.

And here is the yellow castle that we can see high on the hill from the anchorage in Marsh Harbour. It was built by an out island doctor and unfortunately now is in a state of disrepair.

The rock formation here is quite something. And there is a beautiful beach here at Matt Lowe’s Cay. Looked like a couple sailboats in there. It says it is a private island.

Meanwhile there were sailboats racing on the other side of the Sea of Abaco.

We heard from Groovin’ on the VHF who are now at Lynyard Cay. They will be over this way in a few days. We motored around to the entrance of the Marsh Harbour anchorage and could see a container ship over at the dock. And then set anchor at 12:15 close to where we always anchor here.

We saw Modaki as we dingied in for a few groceries. Will spend some time with them tomorrow. We don’t have good wifi here like we did when we were here before we left for the Exumas. Had wanted to FaceTime with everyone. 😦

We blogged for awhile after supper and then heard the conchs blowing at sunset.

Today we travelled 20.2 nm.

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