March 15 – Nassau Harbour Club to Rose Island

Although we were not plugged in for power, we knew it came on in the middle of the night. Around 02:00 because the light on the dock lit up. However, it did not stay long. By 07:30 though. it came on to stay. I rushed up to office at 08:00 to get the laundry tokens.

Mike worked on getting something rigged up to fix the dinghy tow. We got the dinghy back on the tow and then checked our email. He noticed that our Norton anti-virus was not working. He went on to technical support and finally got some answers. Meanwhile, the laundry was dried and folded and he met me at the grocery store. We visited a bit more with Ron and Lynne and then shoved off the dock at 13:00.

We decided to go under the bridges and around Paradise Island on our way to Rose Island. We saw the Eleuthra Express again and a few derelict boats tied up to the dock.

The blue and yellow mail boat was at anchor and tied. We had only seen it from a distance as we have always been on the east side of the harbour. And then there was this boat on a mooring ball. It’s jib is wrapped around the mooring. The name on the boat is Its Better In the Bahamas. Looks like it has seen way better days!

And seeing Atlantis up close was really neat because a few weeks ago we watched “After the Sunset” with Pierce Brosnan, Selma Hyak and Woody Harrelson which had scenes from Atlantis in the movie and was filmed on Paradise Island. We were told that the Bridge Suite between the buildings looks out on both sides of the island and can be yours for a mere $25,000/night. Any takers?

We motored along and saw all the boutique shops and hotels that are on the west end close to the cruise ship docks. And certainly got a close look at these cruise ships and just how massive they are. We could also see people on the top deck in an enclosed trampoline area and people going down the water slide.

They are like floating cities!

We passed by a shipping terminal and then out around the lighthouse on the west end of Paradise Island. We see this massive manmade breakwater.

There are beautiful beaches on this side of Paradise Island. And the water park looks like it would be fun too. Here is the view from this side of the island for that expensive Bridge Suite at Atlantis.

So many resorts and a couple was out parasailing. Made us think of you Kees, when you and Monica’s niece tried it. You are way braver than we are.

The scene was a bit different when we looked to the other side and saw some surf coming over and through the rocks on a small island.

We met another sailor as we headed over to Rose Island . We dropped anchor at 15:30. It had been threatening rain all afternoon with some black clouds but passed us by. We decided after supper to hoist the dinghy up on the bow to get across the deep (and maybe rough) water to Royal and even deeper water to our first stop back in the Abacos at Lynyard. As Mike unclipped the dinghy, he found that our makeshift fix on the tow was not working out. The anchorage was filling up with boats either heading back to the Abacos or south to the Exumas.

The weather window looks good for a smooth crossing tomorrow. This being our first day without any kids around, it sure seems different. No more little ones asking Nannie and Grampie questions, or talking about what they’ve seen each day. No more chatter with Amber and Sarah as we get meals on and no Jason or James to barbeque. No singing from Mike “Sarah put the kettle on”. One bonus was having both a personal trainer and a nutritionist onboard, we hope to take all the things we’ve learned and strive to live a healthier lifestyle. Thanks again to you all for the great visits. Wonderful memories made for a lifetime to relive and reflect on.

Today we travelled 11.2 nm.

2 thoughts on “March 15 – Nassau Harbour Club to Rose Island

  1. Ohhhh I missed this post somehow. I am so happy you got to see Atlantis up close! Love you guys sooooo much!!! xoxox


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