March 13 – Day 8 – Highbourne Cay to Rose Island

Today is Grammie Pat’s birthday. Although we won’t be able to call you, we are thinking of you. We know you enjoy following our posts and will see this message. (although you will see this quite a few days later than the 13th).  We send lots of hugs and  Happy 75th Birthday wishes from the Bahamas. We know it is a milestone. 😉 Have a special day.

It was another windy night. There was some rocking of the boat from all the waves. We weighed anchor at 07:30. We had been away from the anchorage for an hour or so when we saw this beautiful rainbow ahead.

I had set some bread to rise again today. Wanted to make a calzone for James and Mike for lunch. It was not an easy task finding it somewhere safe with all the rocking and rolling. The winds were 15-20 out of the ENE and were gusting to 25 kn.

It was too rolly for the autopilot today. We tried to capture some of the waves in these photos. They were 6-8 ft.

We had the jib out and then we heard a bang at the back. The dinghy tow broke. Shoot! Thankfully Mike always secures the painter to Persuasion. We cranked in the jib and the kids pulled the dinghy up so it would tow easier.

Because of the rockin’ and rollin’, we didn’t get many photos. We arrived at Rose Island and set the hook at 12:15

The calzones turned out pretty good. Well they don’t look the best but we had no complaints from the boys.

Sarah and James took the dinghy over to the beach. It was quite windy for snorkelling. We had been craving some iced coffees and had stored some leftover coffee yesterday in the freezer. Sarah blended some up with ice cold almond milk. They were quite good. we spent some of the afternoon playing dominoes. James was the winner and we won’t mention who was the loser. 😉

We had played this back in Annapolis on Black Hawke V. It is a fun game.

James barbequed the chicken that I bought yesterday in Highbourne Cay and it was good. That must have been why it was so expensive. lol In the evening we were going to play dominoes again but decided to watch a movie and enjoy their last night on the boat.

Today we travelled 33.2 nm.

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