March 11 – Day 6 – Warderick Wells to Normans Cays

It was a quiet night here and we slept in a bit. After some egg mcmuffins (well, egg, ham and chesse on toast) we sat around for a bit enjoying our coffee. There was no Batelco tower nearby so we had no service for internet here.. We slipped the line from the mooring ball and left the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park at 08:30. A little while later, there seemed to be some wind for the jib, so out she went.

There was not alot of traffic on the water here but we did see this interesting ship anchored out.  A couple of hours later, we brought in the jib in as we were almost there. The WinchRite is working today with a better charge. We could see the anchorage but our charts said to watch out for shifting sand bars, so had the kids on look out.

We set the hook at 11:45, had some lunch and then decided we would dinghy over to see the submerged aircraft that is between Normans Cay and Boot Cay. There were some big changes to happen to Normans Cay but it is now at a standstill. There is a sign for McDuffs grill that we think is open now, although no one was around. Also these 2 cottages which had side by side rentals. Lots of lawn chairs out front but not a soul enjoying the beach.

It was extremely windy and wavy. We met a couple on a catamaran from Germany who hailed us over to see if it was as windy over where we were anchored. (it wasn’t quite as bad, we had a bit more protection) They also wanted to go see the airplane but figured it was too windy to venture over. It got even windier when we got out into the open water on the ocean side and took quite awhile for us to get into the lagoon. We noticed a sailboat anchored in the water in and around where the wreck should be. (they are from Victoria) They pointed us in the direction and told us when the tide is out, so much of the wreck sticks out of the water.

They were right. When we got on the other side of where their boat was, it wasn’t far from them. Although the tide was coming in, you could still see so much of the C46. It is in 4 feet of water and a legacy from drug-running days.

The kids snorkelled all around it. Lots of fish to see down inside. They said they would have gone inside but current was quite strong and the tide coming in. It was really neat to see the wings through the water. Must be something seeing most of it sticking up at low tide. You would have really enjoyed this Jason. And you too, Becca, with all the diving skills you learned in Indonesia.

We knew it was going to be more waves going back along the ocean than when we came over, so we dropped the kids on shore so they could walk across the island and meet us on the other side. On our way over to drop them off, we noticed where all the construction had been and everything was left as it was. Also saw a couple of boats that had been beached.

There is no internet connections and no fuel either. We were almost out of gas for the dinghy too. After we picked up the kids, we went back to the boat. I am burnt from being out so long yesterday. The kids rowed over to the beach and I started working on another blog from Amber’s visit while Mike read. The kids found a conch and brought it back to the boat. They knew I wanted one. However, this one was very much still alive. Thought the grandkids would like to see this guy coming out of his shell. We got James to put it back in the water and will still search the beaches for one washed up onshore.

It was pretty tonight seeing the sun shine through the clouds before it fell behind the clouds at sunset.   No movie tonight, everyone was too tired.

Today we travelled 23.3 nm.

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