March 10 – Day 5 – Staniel Cay to Warderick Wells

Before starting today’s blog, I want to let you know, Barry and Miriam, that we met Paul and Shannon on Time Out VI, the friends of yours from Metcalfe. We had a nice chat with them on our first trip to Staniel Cay while our daughter, son in law and the grandkids played on the beach. And to you Paul and Shannon, if you are reading, thank you for your info on different places to enjoy in the Exumas. It is always nice to talk to folks who have been doing this for a few years. As for you guys, Barry and Miriam, I expect you are anxiously waiting for all the snow to go so you can go to Cape Sable Island and enjoy your summer.

Okay, back to our March 10th day……Up fairly early. Heard Sarah awake and she put the kettle on for the coffee. Had breakfast and started raising the anchor.   Sarah and James were on anchor duty and ended up pulling it up by hand as the windlass was giving us trouble again. We were away from the anchorage at 07:30.

We noticed this yacht on the way out. Sarah and I joked that it might be from one of the winners of American Idol. 😉 We were on the wrong side of it to see where it was from. Anyway, she is a beauty.

The jib came out and we were sailing along.

Our project for today was to get our sign ready to lay on top of Boo Boo Hill, where sailors leave their sign with the name of their boat. It is supposed to be on drift wood and can’t be nailed to anything, just laid on top somewhere of all the other boat names. We had found a piece of driftwood on Royal Island with Geoff and Bunkey and Mike had the idea to write out the name on it and then burn it into the wood with a nail. We knew just the person to do it. (again, it is great to have crew) 😉 So Sarah set to work on the sign.

They took a break from the sign as we needed to do more important work. Sarah’s epoxy did not hold and trying to do it again wouldn’t work. Mike figured maybe a hole could be drilled through the frame and a cord strung through. We had just the thing. A noodle for holding your sunglasses on. Redneck at it’s best. 🙂 Maybe not the most fashionable but better than getting a headache from the sun.

Then it was time to bring in the sail. Our WinchRite didn’t seem to take it’s charge so it was the old fashioned way. Sarah sure cranked on that winch.

We entered the channel for Warderick Wells and called for a mooring. This is the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park and it’s very beautiful here. We picked up our mooring at 10:15.

We dingied over to the office so we could pay and get some park information. We were surprised to be greeted by Cindy from the boat Copper Penny. We had met them in Vero Beach when we were there. They are from Barrie but sail out of Midland and are working their way over to New Zealand to visit their daughter. She was helping out in the office for a bit before going over to the Abacos. Look at the view from the top where the office is. The mooring balls out front were all taken. They must be reserved a day in advance and only if someone is leaving, do you get one. Seeing the boats on the balls as they follow the lay of the channel from up here is a pretty sight.

We walked down the steps on the other side to the beach and snapped a few shots. The beach here is lovely, soft sand. Here’s the sign for Boo Boo Hill. It will be quite a trek to the top.

The bones are from a 52 ft. sperm whale. Apparently, they can mistake a plastic bag for a jelly fish and once it gets caught in their blowhole, they can’t breathe. Everyone needs to be careful with their garbage.

Once, we knew which trail to take to Boo Boo hill, we dingied back to the boat for lunch and to finish the sign. Great job, Sarah!

We are proud to be here and to leave our sign on the top of Boo Boo Hill.

So back to the shore and off to the hill. This rock is hard to walk on and some very large craters. You have to really watch your step. We had to walk through some swamp land too.

We finally made it to the top. There is Sarah and James looking out at the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Mike and I holding our sign with the Exuma bank on other side. And we placed the sign among so many others. We did see the sign of Jacobs Ladder and Copper Penny.

And here it is again.

Just look at all the pieces of wood. Lots of boats have visited Boo Boo Hill. We saw this sign on a rock face there.

Another view of the Atlantic on the right and the Exuma banks on the left.

We saw another sign for blow holes when we were coming back down. These are really neat as you can feel the puff of air come up as the surge goes through below.

And here is the view of the boats in the mooring field.

Once we got back down the hill, we waded some in the water and then the kids swam out to a raft and did some jumping.

On the way back to the boat, we dingied out to an incredible sand bar. It was so soft and felt like velvet.

The water here is much warmer than it was in Halifax, Becca. You must really come here. 🙂

We went back to the boat and the kids took the dinghy over to another snorkelling place and then to a different beach.

After supper, we watched the sun go down and then enjoyed a movie. We were all ready for bed by 21:00.

Today we travelled 18.3 nm.

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