March 9 – Day 4 – Soaking up the sun in Staniel Cay

Another beautiful day here in the Exumas. Sarah and I had smoothies again this morning.

After breakfast, Sarah and James dingied over to the Staniel Cay marina to fill up our water jugs. (It’s great having crew) lol

Mid morning, a guy stopped by our boat. He had met Mike at the Nassau Harbour Club the day we were waiting for Amber, Jason and the kids to arrive. Mike was telling him that we were taking the kids down to Staniel and wanted to snorkel the grotto. He recognized our boat and Mike and came over to ask if we had been to the grotto. Mike told him we were on our second set of kids ready to do the grotto. 🙂 Anyway, he wanted to tell us when low tide was as it is easier to get into the grotto when the tide is out. So later this afternoon was the time we would go.

Sarah and James had watched all the nurse sharks and the rays over at the fish cleaning station and also liked the look of the yacht club there. We thought we would all go over there for lunch. Well, we started over in the dinghy and all 4 of us were soaked and not even half way there. Waves and wind and 4 in the dinghy was not a good combination. So back to the boat we go. They could have gone on their own but decided to stay aboard Persuasion for lunch.

I had sat on Sarah’s sunglasses in the dinghy when we were at Allans Cay and she didn’t have another pair with her. Both the arms broke off. Mike had put some epoxy on them but they weren’t the best so she was hoping to get a new pair. She and I took the dinghy over. It wasn’t quite so bad with only 2 in the dinghy. We checked at the gift shop at the club and there was a pair there, $82.00 No thanks!

We walked around Staniel Cay a bit. Here are a few more pretty bushes for you Charlene. I imagine you are so tired of winter and can’t wait for all your beautiful bushes to bloom in the spring.

This is quite a popular spot, not only for cruisers but lots of renters here in the winter months. Here’s a couple of places. The beach is right across the road.

Quite a view from the cottage, wouldn’t you say?

This sign is neat. It’s nailed onto a tree, telling all that Staniel Cay has to offer.

We walked up the hill, stopped in for some homemade bead but she was all out. Then on our way up to the blue grocery store, we heard some rustling in the bushes. Sarah spotted 2 lizards running and jumping. Not sure if it was a lovers quarrel but they were right into it.

And here’s a couple more perky birds for you, Becca.

We got veggies and chicken. Oh and we checked for sunglasses at the blue grocery store, which is very tiny but she has it well stocked. And her sunglasses were $35.00 Ugh…it is remote here for stuff like that. We walked back down to the beach where the dinghy was. It really is pretty in here by the club. Lots of colourful shrubbery.

When we got back, the tide was way out and our dinghy was quite a way up on the beach. A nice man helped us haul it down to the water. I got quite a chuckle when I saw this tender for a boat called the Boat of Us. This photo is for you, Ron and Gwen. Brings back lots of memories of cruising with you in the Thousand Islands and hearing Ron say boat, I mean both. lol   Aww, those were the days!

Well, we might not have gotten too wet on the way over but we got splashed more going back. Not to worry though as we knew we would get wet going back over to the grotto with all 4 of us in the dinghy.

So back we went and yes we did get wet! We don’t have an anchor for the dinghy so Mike and I took turns holding on to the rocks outside while the other went in. The colours of the fish in here are amazing. James Bond 007 movies, Thunderball and Never Say Never was actually filmed here. Also, the movie Splash. We really must watch them again after being here so we can relate to it’s beauty. In the central cavern, shafts of sunlight pour down through the holes in the ceiling above and light up the glass clear water.   You were right Amber, when you said I really had to see it. So glad I did.   And next thing on the list to buy is an underwater digital camera. And yes, that is James at the top getting ready to jump through. It is a 25-30 foot drop. He watched underwater as guys jumped and could see that there was still lots of water under them. Mike said when Amber and Jason were there the week before, no one was jumping through. He snorkelled around in there a bit today too. I didn’t get any photos of him though as it had gotten quite busy with lots of dinghies and people arriving.

We got back to the boat and Mike tried fixing Sarah’s glasses again with the epoxy. Not sure if they’ll hold though. Guess, I should be more careful and look before I sit.

After supper, we went in to see the piggies one more time. The baby ones were out tonight.

So many of them around tonight. They seem to be wanting the carrots that James has.

Sarah is marching along with them here. And this one is looking for a hand out from Mike.

Hope you’re not tired of seeing pigs yet, because here’s a few more. Looks like they had a busy day with all the visitors. The mama pig snorted at her babies and they took off after her into the bush to go eat.

Look at these little ones. Three piggies in a row. Reminds me of the Raffi song that we listened to so many times in the van when we lived in Cape Breton. And we almost lost the cassette tape when Scot got so tired of listening to it that he threw it out the window. lol

While we were in at the beach, the sun started to go down. No wonder this is known for one of the most beautiful anchorages in the Bahamas.

5 thoughts on “March 9 – Day 4 – Soaking up the sun in Staniel Cay

  1. It was -14 here this morning, so we’re envying you more and more each day.

    It’s good to see Mike enjoying those green smoothies. Can you tell me – how does he spread PB on a smoothy?


  2. Loving the perky birds!!

    Scot still owes me a new Raffi tape though…

    Stunning water and views though! love you guys xx


    1. The perky birds made us think of you dear. And I remember the day Scot threw that out the window. You were devastated. 😦


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