March 8 – Day 3 – Allans Cay to Staniel Cay

Well, we were up early, way too early, as the time changed. We sprung ahead….yay for longer daylight hours. It was such a quiet night in here. Since we were so early, we had a big breakfast. Then we weighed anchor at 06:30 and left Allans Cays headed for Staniel Cay. The sun was still just nicely coming up after we left.

The jib was up and it was smooth sailing. After clean up James and Sarah had a little nap.

Then James thought he would try his hand at fishing.   But no fish for supper tonight. 😦 And Sarah worked on her homework for a bit.

While we were eating lunch we saw this tanker go by. First time we had seen one like this. Sarah visited with us in the cockpit while James had a nap. Can you spot him? And Mike kept an eye on the navigation. (don’t you miss the navigating Tayton)?

Here we are coming into the anchorage in Staniel Cay.

We had the hook down by 14:15 and with some carrots in a bag, we dingied in to feed the pigs. One came out to meet us.

Alot of the baby pigs were not around today. Hopefully tomorrow we will see them. They live up behind the rocks and trees here on this island called Big Major.

Here is a video that Sarah took of one of the pigs.

Later James climbed one of the trees. (Sarah said she would have been able to do it if she had shoes on) 🙂

Sarah and James did some snorkelling. Sarah said she saw James ponting to something and as she got closer, she saw it was a nurse shark. She came back all excited to tell us.

Then we all went for a dinghy ride around the other side of the island. There was an interesting rock formation here.

Quite the difference in the beach here. All rock and not much sand. A plane went overhead as we sat here in the dinghy. The airport here seems to be quite busy. No wonder, Staniel Cay is a beautiful place to be.

Here is the Fowl Cay Resort that I was telling you about Scot. These are a couple of the cottages. There is a beautiful sandy beach on the other side.

James barbequed chicken for supper and it wasn’t long before two nurse sharks came by to visit. It was a bit windy and wavy so not the best photo.

We watched the sun go down tonight. Love these beautiful Bahamian sunsets.

Then we watched a couple of movies, one was Captain Ron.   We couldn’t believe that James had never seen it. Can you imagine that, Becca?

Was another fun filled day. Off to snorkel Thunderball Grotto tomorrow!

Today we travelled 46.7 nm.

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