March 7 – Day 2 – Nassau harbour to Allans Cay

The kids said they had a great sleep last night….probably because of their long day yesterday. We saw the sun come up over Rose Island and it looked like a picture perfect day.

We weighed anchor at 06:45. We had been anchored just down from the Nassau Harbour Club. We weighed anchor at 06:45 and left marinas and yachts and Nassau behind.

Sarah is studying to become a holistic nutritionist and having her onboard means that we will have some healthy options for meals. We blended up a green smoothie. Cheers to a healthy breakfast.

We weren’t underway very long when the engine started to overheat again. Guess the impeller piece that was in the heat exchanger was not the problem. Back to having the stairs out with the fan blowing on the engine.

We tried not to let it spoil our trip and Sarah and James enjoyed some time on the bow.

Sarah had a little homework to do so busied herself at that for awhile while James had a mid morning nap. And then she read, in our guide book, about the islands we were going to this week.

It wasn’t long though, before we needed someone to be on coral watch on the Yellow Bank.

James and Mike check the navigation while Sarah is definitely ready for Island life.

We dropped anchor in beautiful clear water at exactly 12 noon. They were both ready to get into this turquoise water. Now don’t these photos make you want to make a trip to the Bahamas with us, Becca and Scot and Jody? And Margie would love the beaches.

Just look at this water. So clean and warm. Certainly is paradise.

After lunch we all went over to the different islands to see the iguanas. Remember, we had debated whether to come here with you, Amber. The kids couldn’t play much on the beaches but I’m sure they will like the photos of all these iguanas. At one point, we counted more than 50. It was really something seeing them all.

Here’s Sarah taking a selfie with all the creatures. Then we shoved off the beach and headed for another island.

Look at the tracks of their tails and nails in the sand.

The sign here tells about the iguanas being an endangered species. In case, you can’t enlarge the photo, I’ll tell you a bit about it. It says this is a unique island because it is home to a colony of endangered Exuma iguanas. They are considered to be among the worlds most endangered lizards and are found nowhere else. It also says that they can weigh up to 24 lbs and live to be 80 years old. You can’t walk on the sandy areas behind the beaches as there may be nest burrows that could collapse. Look at the size of these two. They certainly don’t look like Iggy, do they Scot?

This island that the sign was on has alot of the rock around that looks like lava rock.

We dingied back over to the first beach we went to and did some snorkelling.

We saw alot of rays today too. Lots right around our boat. This one seems to be coming right up to Sarah close to shore.

It was a very warm, still day and after some cool drinks, the kids thought it seemed like time for a nap. So they relaxed in the hammocks.

And then we heard this large yacht coming in with a crew. They dropped anchor and took the owners to shore with a large tender to see the iguanas and then sped off again. We are guessing by the name that the owners have something to do with Special K. 🙂

Some guys that were in a boat ahead of us dingied over to talk about different places they were going to in the Exumas and then another couple came by too. They were having trouble with their yanmar engine. Mike gave them some advice and told him we had a spare Racor filter assembly on board and he wanted to know it he could buy it for $50. We sold it to him and hope he gets it working well.

Since our nap was not going to happen, James, Sarah and I dingied over to the beach at Highbourne. The one we went to Amber on the other side of the island from where we were anchored. It was quite a dinghy ride but a calm day so not bad.   It said in our guide book that if you are at Highbourne Cay, you can dinghy over to see the iguanas at Allans Cay. (Unfortunately, the day we were there with Amber , it was too windy to try it. Besides, the kids were so happy to play in the sand). The beach in here is beautiful. Seems I caught Sarah and James up to something. We tried to capture a jump. Oops, guess I wasn’t ready lol.

James got a photo of Sarah and I and then to capture us in a jump. Oops, I wasn’t quite ready.

Seems like some handstands and cartwheels were in order too. All in great fun.

I may be a bit prejudice but I think they will make a gorgeous bride and groom in July.

And then it was time to head back over to Allans Cay for supper. We are blessed again this week with a barbeque chef. (We could get used to having Jason and James around) After supper, we watched a movie. It was indeed a great day in the Bahamas.

Today we travelled 34.5 nm.

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