March 6 – Still anchored in Nassau harbour

NOTE: This is being written on Sunday, March 22. We know, we are still very far behind. 😦 Yesterday Mike uploaded 1 blog in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and this morning, 2 more. So we have finally finished March 1-5.

We have around 800 photos from the week Sarah and James were here, so bear with us and we hope to get those blogs uploaded soon.   We are in Marsh Harbour, fixing some issues on the boat that we will tell you about when we get to that date. We arrived here on March 18 ( the day that my dear late mom would have been 85) 😦   We plan on staying here for the next few days to continue to work on Persuasion and the blogs.

So here we go. Let’s get started on our adventure in the Bahamas with Sarah and James.

Day 1 They are coming, and we are ready! It will be awesome to see them.

We woke up this morning to a glorious moon over the harbour at 06:30.

And then a few minutes later, we looked over to Rose Island and could see the sun shining through the clouds. What a beautiful morning.

We checked our messages to see if the kids flight had left……only to find out that they could not get out of the Ottawa for their flight to NC where they would get their connecting flight to Nassau. There was a storm going up the eastern seaboard and the flight that was to leave Charlotte, NC for Ottawa did not get out. The airlines did their best to try and find them another quick flight but to no avail. They finally got them a flight into Fort Lauderdale with a 5 hour layover then a flight to Nassau. Drats! They were supposed to land at 13:39 and now will not get in until 18:20.

We busied ourselves with other things. Myself at getting some blogs caught up and Mike working on the windlass. He cleaned the motor connections. We saw this neat looking boats go by. Look at the bow sprit on it.

I was working on the blog when Mike called down to come up and see this boat. Too bad the boat was going so fast. It was almost by when he noticed it. The front he said was also loaded with so many conchs. You can see through their front window just how many there were. What a harvest!

In the afternoon, we headed up to Starbucks and uploaded some blogs, stopped by the marine store for some fuses, got a few more groceries and then Mike dingied me back to the boat. I figured it would be dark by time Sarah and James arrived so I might as well have supper ready when they get here.

Here are some photos of our boat all ready for more family.

And shortly after 7, they arrived! (They were able to change into summer clothes in Fort Lauderdale. They even had time to take a cab and have lunch on the beach there. Guess that made their layover more bearable. It was -24C in Ottawa this morning when they left). They look as happy to be here as we are to have them on board.

And yes, Amber they travelled light, only 1 carry on bag each. lol As we well know, it’s easy to pack light when there is just two.

Over supper, we had fun listening to how they spent their long day and also planned out the island anchorages we would be enjoying in the Exumas. Shortly after dishes were finished, we were all ready for bed. They had were at the airport since before 06:00 this morning. We did enjoy the large full moon from the cockpit and snapped a photo. Not the greatest but the best we could do without a tripod. Tomorrow, their Bahamas adventure starts. 🙂

2 thoughts on “March 6 – Still anchored in Nassau harbour

  1. Hello there,

    Thanks for keeping your blog up. I read that you met Ron and Lynne Taylor on Northern Spirit. They are friends of mine from way back at 50 Point, Lake Ontario. If you see them again say hello. Keep well and enjoy the warmth.

    Ron O. SV Old Hand


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