March 5 – Anchored in Nassau

Yep, it sure is different without all the kids 😦 but hey, Sarah and James arrive tomorrow! πŸ™‚
We saw the Bo Hengy II ferry go by early this morning. This large ferry makes trips between Nassau and Spanish Wells daily.

We busied ourselves for the rest of the day with changing the oil, oil filters, transmission fluid, fuel filters and air filter. We both made lots of trips down in the locker to reach to the other side of the engine. Not an easy task for sure. Mike also took apart the heat exchanger and found a piece of the impeller in there. Hopefully that will be what was causing the engine to overheat.

Meanwhile the laundry was still drying, both inside and outside the boat.

It was a beautiful day for drying.

Just one more sleep and our baby will be here. πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “March 5 – Anchored in Nassau

  1. I have been enjoying Amber and family’s visit! What memories you have created for them. If the weather in the Ottawa area is anything like here in Halifax, you picked the best winter to be in the Bahamas!!
    Keep on having FUN!! xo


  2. We just had a note from our old friend, Ron Ouwehand on his Beneteau 28. He said to say hello…small world isn’t it!


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