March 4 – Day 8 – Goodbye from Nassau

I can’t believe the week has gone by so quickly. Amber and Jason went up for showers and then over to grab a Starbucks. The boys played with their straws. (I think they will miss them)

Elle wandered around playing and talking and after she was dressed for the day, she sat at her little table and had her snack.

The bags were packed and the marina called for the cab to arrive at 10:00. Some last minute photos on the dock.

And some out front of the marina as we wait for the cab.

There were sad goodbyes. It seems that as quickly as they joined us, they left us.

After they left, we showered and Mike washed down the boat. I spied this little lizard beside the laundry room and thought the kids would enjoy seeing him.

Then we got a few groceries, made some phone calls and we did our laundry. However, the dryers were all in use and we wanted to get off the dock and anchor out in the harbour. We figured they would dry on some lines on the boat. We had some trouble with the anchor winch. While Mike was fixing it, we had 3 Bahamian officials board our boat, one lady and two gentlemen. They wanted to see our documentation and looked through the boat. It couldn’t have been a worse time. We had laundry bags with wet clothing all over and lots of the clothes out of the closet for Mike to work on the wiring. However, all was well and we have the document to prove it. As they were leaving, when the lady heard we were from Canada, realizing all the snow storms there, she said “It’s better in the Bahamas.” Just like the advertisement on TV says. 🙂

It was quite a day! It has been said that “grandchildren are a parents reward for having children”. I think having children is quite the reward but I must say the grandkids are the cream of the crop! We are so blessed. We are hoping that next year our Margie will be able to spend some time with us on the boat too. It will seem pretty quiet around here without the little tykes that’s for sure.

2 thoughts on “March 4 – Day 8 – Goodbye from Nassau

  1. Really like the creative special table for your granddaughter; excellent idea! also appreciate the on site action photos, its almost like being there!


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