March 2 – Day 6 – Rose Island to Nassau to Rose Island

Last night we had decided that we would take the boat into Nassau and anchor out in the harbour, so that we could get a few provisions at the grocery store. It’s a little over an hour motor so we got an early start. Seems like Elle was on the quarter berth bed and was wondering what was going on in the cockpit.

As we were talking with her through the opening, I guess the boys thought it might be fun to see through the window too. Aren’t they all so cute?

The boys wanted to help Grampie steer and did just fine. šŸ™‚ In just a short time, we were in the harbour and they were amazed at all the cruise ships and huge mail boat anchored on the other side of the bridge.

Jason dingied us over and the kids stayed with Grampie.Ā Ā  We got our few things, made a few phone calls and then got back to the boat quickly to take off for Rose Island. We snapped a few shots of some places on Paradise Island and of an island with a lighthouse.

Grampie showed Tayton how to do some navigating on the charts. He picked it up quickly and even once told Grampie to watch out, he might hit a rock. Easton followed along at first but was more interested in the fishy clips we have. How he loved playing with them. Elle was content to let Daddy hold her and sit back and enjoy the boat ride.

Tayton continued to navigate, Easton still playing with his clips and Elle being her usual sweet self. I sat back and relaxed watching them all have fun.

We arrived back at Rose Island and after lunch, Amber and Jason armed with the dry bag loaded with our camera, towels and some water dingied the boys over to the beach. We stayed at the boat while Elle napped (in this photo, she wasn’t quite ready to lay down on the Vberth behind her barricade of suitcases. šŸ™‚

They had a great time. They said this beach was their favourite one.

Here’s some more of the boys on the beach.

Easton had talked for weeks of playing at the beach. He sure looks like he enjoyed it.

Meanwhile, while cutie was napping, I washed a few clothes and hung them to dry.

When Elle woke up, we all dingied back to the beach. We didn’t take the camera as the battery had died after the first trip to the beach today. We met a couple there from Toronto who have been living on their boat for 15 years. This is their favourite Island and we also met a man whose family owns a charter boat out of Nassau. He had some guys on board for meetings and they had some down time over here on the Island with seadoos.

After the fun at the beach, (and the camera battery was charged) Grampie finished up some coconuts. They tried the milk and the coconut and their face tells it all…..they weren’t impressed.

Elle seemed to like it though.

We had rice and sweet and sour chicken with stir fry for supper. While we cleaned up, we played a game, called Catch Phrase that Amber had on her phone. It was fun and when Jason went in to the Vberth to get the kids jammies out, he said category “animals”. They live in a squalor and like the mud”. We knew right away that it was pig sty. lol Poor guys had to move their suitcases every night just to get into bed

Elle decided to put on a show for us. Hope this won’t be her calling. lol And later she entertained us with spoons.

We wanted something chocolate. So….we made chocolate macaroons. Hadn’t had them for so long. Tayton scraped out the pan like our kids used to love to do. They were good and Tayton didn’t seem to mind the coconut in them. šŸ˜‰

Elle was tired from all her dancing and fell asleep. So did Tayton and later we moved them to their own beds.

Easton had laid down on his bed earlier and fell asleep. They all had a fun sun shiny day with lots of adventures.

Today we travelled 13.9 nm.

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