March 1 – Day 5 – Staniel Cay to Rose Island

Well, we got an early start this morning. Amber and Jason were weighing anchor at 06:30. Mike was getting the main up.   The kiddies were just getting up as we left the anchorage.

It looked like it was going to be a beautiful day on the water.

We thought we may go to Allans Cay to see the iguanas but the sail was going smooth, no seasick kids this time (we got smart this time though and gave them children’s gravol this morning) so they opted to go all the way to Rose Island today and stay there for 2 days and nights relaxing with no long sails anywhere.

The kids were all really good. They played with straws, their sleep buddies and even with their toothbrushes, pretending they were robots. Guess this tells us what we have known all along, kids don’t need lots of expensive toys. Amber had brought playdoh.   We always have fun with playdoh!

And they all had naps as we sailed along.

Jason was on look out as we passed over the Yellow Bank as the coral heads can be a problem there. The day actually went by quickly. We ate lunch and snacks and the kids seemed to be enjoying themselves.

We set the anchor at Rose Island at 16:45. It has been nice having a crew this week. 😉 Jason barbequed again. Here is a shot of the sun streaming through a cloud with Nassau in the background.

And before bed, the kids watched one of cuties’s favourite shows, Barney.

It was a long day of travelling so not alot of photos. Tomorrow will be a fun beach day for sure.

Today we travelled 72.9 nm

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